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  1. Absolutely love your crystal clear transparency at all times John! Cannot wait and as always, wish you the best of luck
  2. Quite a bit further on since you posted this John - Are you able to shed any more light on the release of TE Central SP1 for X-Plane please?.... Soooooo looking forward to that being born and bread in the North West. Regards
  3. Looking good but the X-plane version(s) look far far superior IMO.... Waiting patiently for TrueEarth Holland for X-plane
  4. And looks absolutely fantastic with the Runcorn bridge in the foreground! Simply lovely! One thing I noticed and I don't know if you agree guys, but the Liverpool waterfront has the photo texture of the cruise ship in front of the Liver building, personally think it deserves a modelled cruise ship as opposed to just the photo? Will be buying straight away!!!!!! Keep the shots coming please guys!
  5. Over half way through the month now and still no TrueEarth Central announced with shiny new pictures and goodies!! I cannot state how much I'm looking forward to Central Thanks for the hard work team Regards
  6. My vote goes to Liverpool, Manchester, Southport (my town hehe) and the Lake District
  7. Ugh sorry all, I was meaning Central, not North hehe. Hoping for news on central very very soon Thanks all
  8. Hey all, Just a quick post RE: England North. Are we any closer to seeing TrueEarth North? I remember November being mentioned though nothing as of yet Are you Orbx guys able to provide any updated info? Are we close? Thanks
  9. Hopefully we'll all be asked in a future thead for objects that are missing, that should be included with future patches
  10. I begun doing this yesterday in preparation + I wanted to sort my scenery folder out. No way am I parting with my Manchester and Liverpool city buildings just yet though! John, presume we have airports in the UK that come with photo scenery/ground imagery, are we able to remove them so as everything blends in with TE? with thanks
  11. John you're a star mate!! Thanks very much for that. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.
  12. Aching to know about central release. You lovely people at ORBX, are you able to confirm before year end? Thanks
  13. Same as you! Cannot wait to explore our area!! I will be buying South on day one though - work my way up
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