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  1. Adam Banks's post in KBLU - Does Not Start and Instead The Program Crashes was marked as the answer   
    Nooooo ... I meant disabling *collision detection* - in "Realism/Ignore crashes and damage". Try that one!
  2. Adam Banks's post in KEGE - typical request from a non-Global user was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Tim! I think I've seen similar posts in relation to other products (especially PNG). Alway good the get it straight from the horse's mouth though
    Now ... where's my credit card gone, Tim?

  3. Adam Banks's post in NZQN Missing ground shadows was marked as the answer   
    I found you have to set at least Lighting/Sim Objects: Cast/Receive for it to work. External vehicle on its own just gives me shadows on the grass areas.


    I haven't tested this for other airports (as I usually have most of those options enabled anyway) - it could be something to do with the way NZQN in particular does its layering, with there being a large underlying photoreal tile. I don't *really* know what I'm talking about there though .



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