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  1. The "dustpan" is definitely a radiator (not very efficient, and duplicated on the other wing in later marks) ... but I've no idea what the sausage on the port wing is ... anyone? Thanks for the nice comments, folks - I'm sure I'll be posting some more soon! Adam.
  2. Almost impossible to resist [yet] another flight sim Spitfire! This is the newly released Aeroplane Heaven MkI ... at Shoreham (EGKA): The "classic" shot": Adam.
  3. I did a bit of exploring around the City and found some weirdness. On the first pass, I'd get areas where no autogen buildings would be drawn at all - just the satellite tile showing. However - after flying on a little and then [physically] turning back, they'd be populated as per usual. No amount of panning/scrolling makes these buildings appear on the first pass. Even pausing/unpausing the sim (to take screenshots) didn't do the trick. This was all with LOD at 2.00 and all object sliders maxed out. Annoying as it is, I suspect this is one of the SU5 "pop-up" bugs mentioned in many posts all over the place - rather than something at fault with the Orbx addon(s). It must be pretty frustrating, being a scenery developer, to have so much hard work spoiled by the core sim after an "update".
  4. Great to see input here from PP Sadly, my LOD 3.0 nirvana was short-lived. Back to plan A (2.0) until advised otherwise!! Adam.
  5. Not sure what all the fuss is about (!!). My Optica starts perfectly well from cold & dark - though I have to say the magnetos switch (keys at the top of the VC) were hard to find! For some reason, I've always liked the Optica (back from P3D days) - and I'm really enjoying this one. My only gripe is that I can't get the GTX330 (Transponder) to power up. Adam.
  6. Oh ... DRAT!!! I can never get my head around this time difference thing. I was [sort of] hoping that, as it hadn't had the official "now closed" announcement, I was still in the clear. That'll teach me to prevaricate!!! Seeing as I can't vote either - best of luck to all!
  7. Hi Pete - long time no hear (sorreee)! I'm having the same problems - and will try your workaround. Do they both have to be 2.000 or is it that they just need to be same same? Mine are currently both 3.000. Looks like I'll have to forego the eye-candy and drop back to 2 ... .. watch this space! UPDATE: Before messing with my LODs, I tried the standard fix (which I'd forgotten to do) - as mentioned by Nick: All working on 3.0 now - and v-e-r-y nice it is too :-)
  8. Some fabulous shots to choose from, but it's Eagleskinner's unusual Optica shot for me!!
  9. A surprisingly misty day (real weather) considering it's the middle of summer! PMDG DC-6 in MSFS. What a majestic aircraft the DC-6 is! Ready for take-off: Approaching EGNM: A fly-over before turning back around for approach: I can't show you the landing - it was *awful*!!! Adam.
  10. Same here ... the UK is superbly done, but it's a shame there's so little Orbx material for Oceania/NZ for XP (I prefer scenery to airports).
  11. Thanks for the comments, folks! I must say that I'm enjoying the DC-6 greatly. It's probably the best aircraft I own in MSFS. A good old fashioned propliner yet still does ILS for when I'm lazy!
  12. Thanks, chaps!! It was fun getting back into XP11 after all those weeks of taming "the beast" that is MSFS. Maybe XP11 is losing out a little, but it's still an amazing sim. I love those Goose shots as well ... and entered #4 in the screencomp. When you see them all together, though, I'm wondering whether #2 would be a better choice <??>. I was also severely tempted to use that Tornado shot ... Adam.
  13. MSFS PMDG DC-6B with Jankees Blom's excellent TEAL livery near Queenstown, Orbx NZ Mesh ... Adam.
  14. MSFS vs XP11 ... MSFS first (NZ Mesh): ... and now six from XP11 (TEGB): Adam.
  15. Here's mine!!! Freeware Goose with Jankees Blom's livery near Queenstown - MSFS + Orbx NZ Mesh.
  16. There's nothing wrong with XP11!!! Here's a visitor to the Welsh hills (TEGB): ... and here comes the welcome commitee! Amazing detail ... look at that vapour coming down! Adam.
  17. Bob - you *know* my "secret" ... it's quite simple, really ... just mash all the sliders fully right and watch the slide show!!! Setting up your external camera views/controls helps a lot too. I generally fly/scroll around in HUD view (as it's fast) then hit pause and jump into "Drone" view to compose the shot ... maybe changing the time or weather theme when paused to see if anything nice happens. After that, very little editing (if any) in Photoshop ... and that's that! I was tempted by the Islander (would love your thoughts on that!) ... but the Trislander would be awesome. It takes ugly to the highest level! Adam.
  18. Not sure whether I can manage the "before and after" as MSFS doesn't make mid-air position saving that easy - but I'll have a go! I'll also take a look at Central Otago for you!
  19. It's an old FSX model transmogrified and release as freeware. I'm sure a search would find it easily enough Yes - going by what Iain has said.Reading between the lines, though, I'd expect posting shots of other peoples' scenery (terrain or airports) wouldn't be OK - which is fair enough, IMHO - plenty of gorgeous default/meshed country to choose from!
  20. Being mesh only, it's pretty small. Looking at the OrbxDirect page: https://orbxdirect.com/product/nz-mesh-msfs "The download size of this product is 464.31 MB. It uses 523.93 MB when installed." Of course I'm bound to say that ALL NZ is beautiful ... but anywhere around Queenstown towards Milford Sound (or Wanaka in the other direction) should look good - especially as the default MSFS textures are pretty good. I'd say default might be OK, but posting pics of other peoples' airports (freeware or not) would be a problem - especially as there'd be very little default terrain showing if the add-on area is quite large. I think we need to be sensible about this ... the idea being that we should be showing the mesh doing its job!
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