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  1. I solved the problem. I had TWO libraries set (from previous P3D setup) and merged them all in one place as it should be. Stapleford now looks fine and I also added my improvement to it.
  2. @Russell Linn@Mark Silvester@Russ White@Karl Hoybye@Greg Jones@John Venema@Ed Correia@Ben McClintock Please have a look above and advise, no rush. Thank you in advance.
  3. The P3D graphics settings in post above are the settings AFTER the crash. Below I attach my original settings BEFORE the crash.
  4. Note on the VIDEO past point 14:34 when I call for GSX ground services with VRAM 6.2 out of 6.8 available, how P3D detects the lack of memory and disables EA mode going back to Legacy graphics. On the last two flights before the one of the below video, P3D 5.1 crashed completely once I vacated runway 27 the same way like the below video but "RETRY" did not work in that case, P3D5.1 had completely crashed. On that previous (crash) flight I had departed from (add on) Amsterdam so I guess there was a little bit more of VRAM consumed. In the below VIDEO's scenario I just make a local flight around the pattern without other scenery being involved so I guess with that somehow less VRAM consumed I JUST made it to the apron. So in practice its almost impossible to fly to London City, even with medium settings, from another add on scenery airport and EA enabled. The recommended graphics settings in the product manual are not in Medium ethos but higher, towards the Dense side of sliders. For these flights I even have my Add On EGLL Heathrow scenery removed from Add Ons just in case it would consume more memory so this is not the case. Am I doing something wrong ?
  5. Hello, I was using Prepar3D 5.3 until I realized what I was missing from Orbx when I tried to reinstall also P3D 5.1 and then saw what Orbx Central had available for 5.1 So now with 5.1 I reinstalled I purchased Product: EGLC London City Airport Transaction ID: 61cd6b954dbc6 I already read the Orbx-eglc-user-guide-c54e3d.pdf that comes with the product. The graphics settings recommended were already to high so as not to crash the GPU after landing in London City so I even reduced the graphics settings to a "Medium" level as seen in the attachments but, still, I get problems once I enter the airport apron. The problem I have is that, even with the moderate graphics settings I have, (attached below) and even with a strong PC is use, London City crashes my GPU. I attach also a video of a circuit around London City with the PMDG 737. https://youtu.be/uEn1kmCH238 As you can see towards the end I get the VRAM troubles even though I did not fly in from another Airport (scenery), just with a circle around the airport. When I enter the apron after the landing you will see the issues where P3D 5.1 makes the switch to non EA atmospherics to save some VRAM. On previous full fright from EHAM to EGLC the simulator just crashed as soon as I vacated runway 27 after landing in London City. Even though I have EU England in my purchases I do not enable it so as to save some VRAM at London City. Is there any chance I could save my troubles with some other tweak ? I have tried to follow TJ Pilot's settings https://youtu.be/U-_o4ODGDj4
  6. Prepar3D v5.1 I face the following issue. I have my Orbx Library in C:\Orbx Orbx ObjectFlow remains always DISABLED. Example airports like LSGK Saanen and EGLC Stapleford DO NOT display buildings that (I believe) are related to ObjectFlow. I did try the Settings->HELP->Sync Simulator. No Joy. I attach screenshots. Please let me know how I can bring back these beauties.
  7. @Doug Sawatzky thanks, All Global items I installed (migrated) them in a new set up Library C:\Orbx which I created. All other Europe, North America etc. scenery, they by default get installed in C:\Users\..(my name)..\Orbx Library\p3dv5\ I did it like this and still the Orbx ObjectFlow folder remains in Add-ons library, at the bottom and Disabled. Below is how EGSG Stapleford looks in P3Dv5.3 with ObjectFlow disabled (and unable to be re enabled). There are ObjectFlow buildings missing there. I am Admin in my PC and run it as Admin.
  8. @Doug SawatzkyI executed the sync simulator but in P3Dv5.3 I cannot see Stapleford EGSG buildings which are ObjectFlow scenery. Also in the Add-ons library I see Orbx ObjectFlow as being unchecked. I check it and press OK but it does not activate. Any clues ?
  9. @Andreas Hegi hehe !, understood, I was hoping you would put these well paid staff at Samedan to shovel some snow around the PAPI's for better visibility. It is still doable as they are (barely visible) in winter, its just that FlightSim has spoiled us with PAPI's and we've got used to them being always clearly visible. I attach four samples for Day /Night/ Summer/ Winter.
  10. @Andreas Hegi excellent work ! Would it be possible for the PAPI's to be more visible in snow environment during daytime ? (P3Dv3) If not, its still excellent result.
  11. OK thanks. I had not realized the change. It's been some time since I purchased a new product.
  12. I see the product in my purchased products but FTX central is not doing anything to install it. My support ticket : https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/15670
  13. Thank you @Jarrad Marshall Here's also a retro video worth watching ! A Boeing 727 ! in Samedan from the 90's (judging from the video quality)
  14. Amazing ! Europe's highest elevation airport. Please please release it also for P3Dv3, not all of us have upgraded to v4. HERE you can find a visual approach chart I have created for Samedan following professional pilots' (who flies there) instructions. A nice approach video !
  15. https://generalaviationnews.com/2019/05/02/airport-in-the-sky-reopens-may-3/
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