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  1. Hello, I was using Prepar3D 5.3 until I realized what I was missing from Orbx when I tried to reinstall also P3D 5.1 and then saw what Orbx Central had available for 5.1 So now with 5.1 I reinstalled I purchased Product: EGLC London City Airport Transaction ID: 61cd6b954dbc6 I already read the Orbx-eglc-user-guide-c54e3d.pdf that comes with the product. The graphics settings recommended were already to high so as not to crash the GPU after landing in London City so I even reduced the graphics settings to a "Medium" level as seen in the attachments but, still, I get problems once I enter the airport apron. The problem I have is that, even with the moderate graphics settings I have, (attached below) and even with a strong PC is use, London City crashes my GPU. I attach also a video of a circuit around London City with the PMDG 737. https://youtu.be/uEn1kmCH238 As you can see towards the end I get the VRAM troubles even though I did not fly in from another Airport (scenery), just with a circle around the airport. When I enter the apron after the landing you will see the issues where P3D 5.1 makes the switch to non EA atmospherics to save some VRAM. On previous full fright from EHAM to EGLC the simulator just crashed as soon as I vacated runway 27 after landing in London City. Even though I have EU England in my purchases I do not enable it so as to save some VRAM at London City. Is there any chance I could save my troubles with some other tweak ? I have tried to follow TJ Pilot's settings https://youtu.be/U-_o4ODGDj4
  2. now available on flightsim.to - first time out for me so no real info but seems to go up and down and back and forward!
  3. On my way into EGLC, London City Airport Just when I thought that some clouds would be nice, live weather in London was clear Cheers Pete
  4. Hi there, I purchased EGLC and LOWI for MSFS (premium deluxe) through the Orbx website. I downloaded and installed through Orbx Central (version 4.1.22). However, I'm not able to get both sceneries to work in MSFS, as the don't show up in the simulator. Things I tried; - Installing on a different location through Orbx Central - Installing in a new library through Orbx Central - Uninstalled EGLC/LOWI, re-installed MSFS, installed EGLC/LOWI - Tried the above on different drives - Cleared temporary Orbx files in Orbx Central - Cleared backups in Orbx Central - Resync Simulator in Orbx Central - Restarted PC after every attempt Am I doing something wrong here? Regards, Camiel central.log
  5. Man...... what on earth ^^ Just made some London roundtrip with the City update from Orbx and EGLC. Pics are a bit blurry, not sure why. In the sim its very crisp. Looks sweet anyway ^^ But i had to load in 3 times to be able to fly, the other 2 times i got a ctd here. Not sure if thats related to the scenery.
  6. So, as you may have read, there is a new sim out there. It's making me realise just how much time and effort and learning has gone in to my previous new toys, e.g. getting to grips with XP. I find myself facing a whole new set of menus/options etc with no real clue how to do anything (again). But, boy, it's worth it. Finally, what feels like the makings of a proper world simulator. As all the little niggles get ironed out and the new stuff comes along this is going to be one hell of an experience. It is already pretty amazing just out of the box. Just a few quick pix. Came out of Gatwick and headed for the Smoke. Obviously pressed something somewhere to get the "sightseeing" markers up, so I'll have to find out how to get rid of them, and at this point I don't know how to get a screenshot without all the dials etc on it. Must be a way though. Before anybody asks, I'm using Gadwin for the screen grabs and MSI Afterburner/Riva for the frame rate etc stats. When I installed MSFS, it automatically set everything to "Ultra" and I've left it there. I dare say some will look at the frame rate and go on about how they're getting 80, 90 or whatever, but this is all very smooth on my system and that's what matters to me. Anyway, here they are, in case anyone is interested. If you're hesitating - don't! This knocks everything else sideways. Not that I won't keep using XP as well, but I suspect this may have killed P3D for me. But hey, you never know. Very much roughs, but gives you an idea of the scale and scope. All 4k, need blowing up to get the best out of them
  7. Whilst EGLC remains not yet compatible for P3D v5, could someone in the development team take a look at the oversized buildings that I've highlighted in the sim and their real world counterparts in the pictures below, please? They are too tall and affect the visuals into and at the airport. The problem doesn't exist in TE GB South without Orbx's EGLC https://i.imgur.com/vb5C4Iz.jpg I found a very high-quality photo from the other direction to show what the building heights should be in comparison to other buildings nearby. (You can zoom in on the picture for even more detail using the link). https://www.adsadvance.co.uk/media/images/2019%20SUMMER/LCY%201707AG5D4-AndrewHoltAH5149-jpg.jpg Would really like to see these problems be fixed. Thanks.
  8. Hello Devs and Orbx friends, I was wondering if anyone here has seen the giant cargo ship at the west end of the airport sitting across Connaught Bridge. I don't know if it's an Orbx issue or not. I think it's most likely some library issue on my end but just hoping someone here has run into the same issue and offer a solution. Thanks for any feedback. I only have purchased EGLC (Transaction ID: 5e8785174b009), and not TEGB South so that might be an issue. Attached are picture, Log.txt and Scenery.ini Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  9. Just "snaps", but just the same it is amazing to me, what the Orbx magicians put into their scenery. We miss a lot by flying over it Cheers Pete
  10. Hello Is it possible to rectify the stand markings? There are two stands marked '2', and no stand marked '3'? with thanks
  11. Hello, Can anybody tell me why the water's edges look like the tide has gone out? Xplane 11.41, Orbx EGLC, traffic global xplane11, Is this because I haven't purchased the TE GB South? Or is there a work around? Thanks
  12. Hi, Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere....can somebody tell me how to correct sunken ground vehicles?
  13. Hello, Can anybody suggest a fix for this tow tug at EGLC, which seems to have sunk? I have x-plane 11 11.41 with EGLC Orbx. As a recent convert to x-plane from fsx, apologies if I'm missing something obvious....? Thanks in anticipation. (order no 5dac4cbcad1b0)
  14. Hello there, I`m new to this forum and to Orbx for XP11. Just bought the London City Scenery and noticed the Runway Edge lights are "under the Earth" The Light it self is weak to recognize at night. At daylight there are no Components of the Runway Edge lightning system shown. regards, Tome346
  15. Hi, I have an issue with the ground texture as you can see at the photo below. I have Orbx base + Europe + vector. don't have trueEarth great britain I didn't find any same issue in the forum so I will be grateful for some help. Ido
  16. Now I am close enough to home to quickly finish my end-of-winter northern Europe tour and get back from London City. You can see that some objects keep sinking in EGLC - this issue was observed by other pilots before. No worries, we can keep moving... ... climb out eastbound over the River Thames... ... with a low altitude restriction. It does not take long to get over to Amsterdam... ... and to Germany. Over Porta Westfalica... ... and on final to Hanover. Did it! The short way to the city goes via the Karl-Jatho-Terminal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Jatho
  17. In order not to stop learning, I used the current sale and purchased the DA62 with G1000. And I have zero experience to use this G1000... At least I do have some experience at the airport of East Midlands, having travelled often enough from there... ... on the way from office to office. Looking sharp. Birmingham is the alternative airport for travels to Nottingham. Milton Keynes. Didn´t they build the lovely litte Aston Martins down there? Arriving in the performance grave #3: London. (I call Seattle and Barcelona the other two.) The only significant industry that is left in England, so-called "financial industry". Optimizing their Excel sheets and algorithms. My setting shows big waves when I come close to water surfaces. Which means London City airport confuses me a bit. And the ILS is a real challenge with this steep angle! But now I am ready to explore the bars around. Virtually, as this happens to be these days... Sorry for using repeating perspectives. That just shows how much I struggled with use of the plane .
  18. Dear Sir, Dear Sir, I have uninstalled and re-installed EGLC & EGNM several times but the problems still persist with these 2 airports! In fact EGNM is simply default and not the very pretty airport depicted in your photos! As for London City...well that's just one big mess!
  19. At default EGLC I'm getting these mesh glitches (which can be removed only by flattening the airport). Especially the second one, if you get it fast it can send you to the moon. Thanks.
  20. Frame rate still crippling with TE, but when you're just walking around it ain't so much of a problem. This is simply gorgeous - a wonderful piece of work. And I'm sure it will be even more impressive after my next CPU upgrade, whenever that'll be (probably at least another generation or two away). Meantime, I can always use XP when I want to actually fly. Not much else to say about the pix. Just a wonderful place to explore on foot, early in the morning (I can do early in the sim, but not in RL) Love this sort of thing - excellent! Jiving broom guy is up early, too That could take a while Doing a bit of Tai-Chi Still at it I put this 'plane in just to remind you that this isn't actually real! Getting hard to believe the quality of some of these products - stunning stuff, Orbx.
  21. Hello , I have Elevation Problems on OrbX EGLC, but it seems only with the AI Traffic. I use AIG AI Manager as Traffic Tool. In the OrbX Forum there are many Simmers with the same Problem, but till now i dont find an Solution. Reinstallation already done. With the Simple Airport Scanner i found for EGLC the following Entrys : ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGLC\Scenery\EGLC_ADEP4_TRB.bgl ORBX\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\Scenery\ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLC.bgl P3Dv4\Scenery\World\scenery\EGLC_ADEP4_TRB_ALT.bgl Is this allright ? Thanks Michael
  22. In XP this time, and in scruffy James Bond mode It was around here I lost it. I was trying to get round and land in Piccadilly Circus to see the Orbx sign but this is not an easy beast to control. And my saved flights didn't help - they seem to load up in angry bee mode and send you off spinning all over the place. Never mind, plenty of time to practise.
  23. This is airport is magic for so many reasons... Truly a masterpiece.
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