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  1. 1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:

    Hello Ron,

    I could make a new one and put it into it?

    For what it's worth, I suspect that having to log in again from time to time happens to everyone.

    It certainly does to me.

    I am told that there is ongoing work on Orbx Central but no timescale as yet as to when the improvements will be released.


    Thanks for answering Nick. I wouldn't bother, not if they're aware and are beavering away at fixing it. ;) (couldn't find a 'tongue-in-cheek')

  2. 1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:

    However, "porting" these products from simulator to simulator is not, as some appear to believe,

    The other day I was asked to 'port over' a paint from MDS to P3D. I said I look at it. I did and it turned out to be totally different. It would have meant a new paint.

    It did, however, disabuse me of the idea of 'porting over' anything from one sim to another!

  3. Can you recall what it was like to have FSX/P3Dv1 though to v5.1 when you didn't have your favourite aircraft/scenery with every new version? so you scuttled back to your comfort zone? MFS is just another step up the ladder. Embrace the advances made by MFS and in no time you'll look back at the previous sims as, yeah, they were good but you can't go back.


    Unless you're still married to FS9 that is. :D


    Which reminds me, where is my favourite little airport Stapleford? Oh I do miss it. I'll have to go back to P3Dv whatever.

    Nah, I'll wait.

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