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  1. I have backed up all of my Orbx sceneries...I now have huge backup files that are like the screenshot attached. I need to reinstall the sceneries. What do I do with the files? Thanks. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3d V4.5 Screenshot: Issue:
  2. Actually, I just solved the problem...I had Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Northwest Demo both installed. Deleted the Demo and all is well! Thanks for the help!
  3. Dog4Zero: What aircraft are you flying here? That's a great looking panel! Thanks...
  4. It is #1...Thanks...Still trying to figure it out.
  5. I reset the Mesh to 5m with no change. Attached are screen shots of my Scenery Library...Does anyone notice any problems there? Thanks!
  6. I have just done a completely new load od P3d Ver 4.5, ONLY Orbx scenery. I have all of the free airports, airport pack, the series including NRM etc. I have made no adjustments. Any idea why my scenery objects are floating in mid air? Obviously a conflict somewhere. How do you suggest I troubleshoot this? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Now all I need is for Orbx to have a good sale!
  8. Hi: I have just finished reloading P3d V4.5 and have decided to make it an "all Orbx" install. I have all of the global areas (PNW, etc.), all of the free add-ons from the Orbx page, the Global Airport add-on, Global Base. So, what should I purchase next? The Open LC" series, Vectors, and so on? The program is really running great now that I have re-installed with only Orbx! What will make it better? Thanks a lot!
  9. Many thanks! Just what I was looking for!
  10. Is there a list available for download of the airports included in the free Orbx airports download file? Thanks.
  11. Gentlemen: I have solved my problem...I deleted the Client file again and re-installed it...Second time solved the problem! Who Knows! Thanks for the assistance!
  12. Sir: This is what I have currently...Still nothing!
  13. Neither of these methods worked...My P3d and ORBX are all on my D:// drive...My OS drive is C://...I just can't figure out what is going on! Any additional advice appreciated!
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