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  1. I have backed up all of my Orbx sceneries...I now have huge backup files that are like the screenshot attached. I need to reinstall the sceneries. What do I do with the files? Thanks. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3d V4.5 Screenshot: Issue:
  2. Actually, I just solved the problem...I had Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Northwest Demo both installed. Deleted the Demo and all is well! Thanks for the help!
  3. Dog4Zero: What aircraft are you flying here? That's a great looking panel! Thanks...
  4. It is #1...Thanks...Still trying to figure it out.
  5. I reset the Mesh to 5m with no change. Attached are screen shots of my Scenery Library...Does anyone notice any problems there? Thanks!
  6. I have just done a completely new load od P3d Ver 4.5, ONLY Orbx scenery. I have all of the free airports, airport pack, the series including NRM etc. I have made no adjustments. Any idea why my scenery objects are floating in mid air? Obviously a conflict somewhere. How do you suggest I troubleshoot this? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Now all I need is for Orbx to have a good sale!
  8. Hi: I have just finished reloading P3d V4.5 and have decided to make it an "all Orbx" install. I have all of the global areas (PNW, etc.), all of the free add-ons from the Orbx page, the Global Airport add-on, Global Base. So, what should I purchase next? The Open LC" series, Vectors, and so on? The program is really running great now that I have re-installed with only Orbx! What will make it better? Thanks a lot!
  9. Many thanks! Just what I was looking for!
  10. Is there a list available for download of the airports included in the free Orbx airports download file? Thanks.
  11. Gentlemen: I have solved my problem...I deleted the Client file again and re-installed it...Second time solved the problem! Who Knows! Thanks for the assistance!
  12. Sir: This is what I have currently...Still nothing!
  13. Neither of these methods worked...My P3d and ORBX are all on my D:// drive...My OS drive is C://...I just can't figure out what is going on! Any additional advice appreciated!
  14. Suddenly no ORBX addons can locate my P3d V4.4 installation...It seems that there must be a registry entry missing or messed up...Is there a way to "refresh" the registry without completely deleting and reinstalling the program and my ORBX files?? Thank You very much!
  15. Is there a listing of all of the airports included in the freeware Global Airports download? If so, could someone refer me to it? (I have searched, honestly!)...Thanks a lot... Steve in Kansas
  16. Hi Again: I have Global Base installed...Where should I place the freeware airport packs (EU and USA) in the Scenery Library...Toward the top or bottom? Thanks!
  17. Is there a listing of all airports that are included in the freeware Airport Pack? Seems like there are a lot of them! Thanks.. .
  18. I am considering taking the jump back into Orbx sceneries for my P3d V4.4...Apparently Global Base is required for all Orbx scenery...Just what does it do, exactly? Almost $100 is a pile of money for me...If I purchase Global Base, will I see any immediate difference in P3d? Is Global Base compatible with Ultimate Terrain or will I have to delete UTX before installing Global Base? any advice will be appreciated! Thanks a lot...
  19. Still trying to get an answer to this question: Should Orbx airport files (I do not have any Global products installed) be placed above or below other files in the Scenery Library?...I am using Ultimate Terrain V2 with P3d and these files have installed above the Orbx ones...Maybe I am making something out of nothing but I want to load scenery as efficiently as possible...Thanks for the help!
  20. Is it possible to delete Orbx Global Base from P3d V4.4 without having to uninstall the sim and reinstall? Thanks!
  21. FTXAA_ORBXLIBS ORBX!OPENLC_BASE ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 Where should these entries be placed in the scenery library? Thanks.
  22. Does this look better? All non-Orbx are at the top and the libraries should be above the Orbx entries...Thanks a lot! fsx.CFG
  23. Any judgement on the scenery.cfg file? Thanks...
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