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  1. Hi, Question, are all the new IFR-procedures and waypoints included? http://www.engadin-airport.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/_temp_/LS_Sup_A_2017_002_en.pdf Marcel
  2. Yes, did some more digging, strange this pop-ups in the last 12 hours... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bing-data-causing-crashes-with-add-on-airports-or-scenery/364649/63 PS Strange thing is: - Load MSFS with BING data OFF - When loaded at LOWI - Via menu turn BING data ON - The scenery will load... - No CTD?
  3. Hi Nick, Also about LOWI: - Manual is missing - modellib is this the default name now, think it's well known by now that this also can cause conflicts and CTD's? Kind regards, Marcel
  4. For those interested found the (so far i know) current new IFR procedures: http://www.engadin-airport.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/_temp_/LS_Sup_A_2017_002_en.pdf Marcel
  5. Hi, I'm making the move from FSX and Prepar3D, however for some time i'll have both installed on my computer. Simply don't have the money to get a new version for every addon i've and use. So question i've are the Global Range scenery, really Sim specific or are these the same files for both sims? So i do not have to install them twice, yet both sim's use the same files. Talking about: - Global Basepack (does it contain only textures? In thise case i've ofcourse to install it twice) - Global Vector - Global LC Europe Thanks, Marcel
  6. Hi Sylvain, Hope you still considering a update (for FSX/P3D) with the new terminal and hangars. Thanks, Marcel PS Don't mind it being payware after such a update.
  7. There is also a new (OCC) building/hanger at the "west side" of the airfield: Replaces the old one:
  8. Some more i found, seems the apron get a big extension as well. Are you planning to update your scenery with this in the future? Seems they have a turntable inside the hanger! :-) Marcel
  9. Hi Sylvain, You're probably aware, there is some major rebuilding going on at Saanen: Some recent pictures by AirOnline.nl: Regards, Marcel
  10. Hi Guys, Sorry to bring it up again, are the grass-runways to be "fixed"? At EHMZ it stands out again way too much in the background, like with the EHHV (Hilversum) preview. Yes i know this is still a BETA so was wondering if this is one the list to be improved? While with Malden you did a perfect match/merge with the background: Kind regards, Marcel
  11. Hiya, Looking great. One suggestion though, the runways at Hilversum in real-life not that visible. Some real-life shots: Marcel
  12. Hiya, Seen several request yet, i noticed no answers so far about the comparability with other airport addon's? This three come to mind: - Fly Tampa's Amsterdam Schiphol - Aerosoft Lelystad X, Rotterdam X and Maastricht X (also know as "Dutch Airports) - NL2000 stand-alone airports & airbases Are these tested in the BETA-test? Kind regards, Marcel
  13. Hi, Was wondering will the AFCAD of LOWI be modified to get the current NDB in place? For exact location of the new RUM NDB see chart: https://charts.vacc-austria.org/LOWI/LOWI_Approach_Visual Approach_071217.pdf Thx, Marcel
  14. Hiya, Screens looks already very good!!! Maybe needless to say, all accurate information on the current Dutch Airports can be found here: Civil: http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/ Military: https://english.defensie.nl/topics/milaip-military-aeronautical-information-publication Some pointers: - EHGG (Eelde, Groningen Airport) runway 01-19 will be deactivated from dec 2017, will become a taxiway. http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/2017-10-26-AIRAC/eAIP/html/graphics/eAIP/EH-AD-2.EHGG-ADC.pdf - EHOW (Oostwold) no in the standard FSX database, became a offical ICAO airport few years ago. http://www.oostwold-airport.nl/ http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/2017-10-26-AIRAC/eAIP/html/eAIP/EH-AD-2.EHOW-en-GB.html#AD-2.EHOW - As mentioned EHLE, Lelystad airport will be expanded, current state and state of end of the year can be found here: http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/2017-08-31-AIRAC/eAIP/html/eSUP/EH-eSUP-2017-07-en-GB.html - Deelen AB (EHDL) main runway is for the most part deactived, yet the northen part is complety new and active (even got a ILS installation): https://www.google.nl/maps/@52.0594139,5.8741169,3189m/data=!3m1!1e3 If more detailed info is need, just give a call. Regards, Marcel
  15. Hiya, Any update on this? Just bought Orca's and Friday habor. Startup at Orca, steady memory usages and normal values Startup at Friday Harbor, memory usages start normal yet start to increase (which points to memory leak in my humble option. Thx, Marcel
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