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  1. Good morning, I’m currently flying only GA in 5.3 I’m really missing the GA package that worked in 4.x Is there a way to bring that in, or increase GA traffic in general? I would consider building my own flight plans (if that’s the correct description) but not sure where to start. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi Nick- I got it. Backups set to NAS because I'm low on drive space. NAS was off, hence could not complete full install. All is well. Cheers, Mark
  3. Ok. However, I can’t configure anything. When I open KRDD it will attempt to complete the install.
  4. Hi all, Trying to get KRDD installed but not much luck. It hangs indefinitely on finalizing and cleaning up. Any ideas on what's causing this. I have a lot or Orbx scenery and have never seen this one before Mark
  5. I don't know where to look for an additional addon that I don't think I have? I'm using TE Norcal. Would something in that scenery cause this? An airport added by TE?
  6. Hi- After the V5 upgrade, I seem to have taxi signs everywhere. I checked in TE NCA scenery and see that some bgls have been disabled there 'by KRDD' so I'm not sure what's producing these extra signs.
  7. Apparently it has to be dark dark. :>) This fixed it... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/201354-airfield-lights-ybcs/?do=findComment&comment=1719816
  8. When I said the runway was black, I meant no lights. Not clear at all. My apologies. I had already verified files prior to post, but did so again anyway, no luck. I recently purchased Austrailia V2, would that figure into this? Files attached.
  9. Hi Doug- It's the missing runway lights that I'm most concerned about.
  10. Hello, I just bought YBCS and flew from YBAS to YBCS. Upon arrival at night, the runway on approahch was black and the landing lights of my Lear25 barely illuminated the runway. However, after exiting the runway onto the tarmac, landing and taxi lights showed up fine. Also, the aircraft was very dark under the airport lights. I'm on V5.1 Is this normal? Thanks, Mark
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