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  1. OK, so four guys have this problem... and a reinstall will solve it?.. Willing to try... and will report back. Edit: Thank you! 500 Megs+ download, and problem gone... Thanks again!
  2. OK - good to know I am not alone in this... over to Nick..
  3. I have water/land texture problems at Miami Beach, when OpenLC NA is active. (P3DV4) Anyone else see this? Edit: Interestingly, it is OK in FSX...
  4. The user documentation for FTX Global states that this is automatic... But the two exe files exist in the Scripts folder and do execute when clicked. Not sure they have any effect, and how to reset it to the default state.. Guidance would indeed be welcome
  5. I have been able to narrow it down to the (2017) CYYJ airport scenery that I have installed. Its ADE generated scenery detail somehow conflicts with my various PNW sceneries. If I temporarily disable CYYJ, I can fly from CYCD (from the same author) to the payware FTX KORS airport with only a brief one second pause about 20 NM out. Apart from that, all smooth sailing.. Re-enable CYYJ, and the Bermuda Triangle effect returns. So, for now, reinstalling the (2011) CYYJ package is my workaround
  6. I go the beta release of Objectflow 2, and am happy to report that all the detail has re-appeared
  7. Larry, One more test, and it is NOT your Ferries that are causing this. With your ferries disabled, the situation still occurs.. I have not seen any other areas that behave like this, and it is possible to fly through it, so I can live with it..
  8. Hi Larry, Thanks for checking it out! I'll try some more things, as per your suggestions. It is very localized, but very pronounced.. so something is happening (on my system) Hence the Bermuda Triangle reference
  9. The southern end of Galiano Island, has all my textures overloading, resulting in blurries, black gauges in the VC, my fans going to max speed.. Truly bizarre behavior. Pausing the sim does not help, best just to fly through it, and at the far end everything recovers.. Now, I do have PNW + VancouverPlus + VictoriaPlus installed, so I do not know if this is caused by a combination of sceneries.. but it is very localized. If you want to try it, fly from CYCD (Nanaimo) to KORS (Orcas Island). 21 NM from KORS, all hell breaks loose (on my system..) Edit: Just tried the flight with VancouverPlus and VictoriaPlus disabled.. same behavior.. weird!
  10. Exactly the same thing I am seeing.. If I go to an overhead view (F12) I actually see moving water through the textures..
  11. I am getting strange ground textures at Johnson Creek... am I the only one?
  12. Hi Larry, Thanks for the quick reply! No problem, I can wait
  13. I know that we have been warned that some "conditional items may be missing".. but my freshly installed Nanaimo Waterfront in P3DV4 is missing all the major buildings.. Anyone else run into this?
  14. Holger, you are correct, they remain in place after disabling LC NA.. I guess we are getting spoiled by looking at the "realistic" sceneries all over. And the new textures do look nice! So, since your team lovingly handcrafts these sceneries, is there any way to find and exclude these green squares? They are not a big thing, necessarily, but visually quite disruptive..
  15. You did not quite fly far enough.. another three blocks
  16. Don't think so.. I do not have (nor ever had) any UTX files on my system.
  17. It is in the fourth zip file But you should not have four resulting folders, but only one!
  18. Tuscon is showing similar green squares (on my system) FSX / FTX Global / LC NA
  19. Just West of Skyharbor Airport, green rectangles in an urban area..
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