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  1. I would like to know this as well, I am guessing some kind of reshade?
  2. Hi, they look superb! Do you use any reshade or other colour or post processing on these images? I would love to emulate what you have done here. Same goes for the other TE shots from GB, particularly the blackpool tower / pier one. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to add my enthusiasm for a map of installed (and even uninstalled as greyed out, perhaps motivate me to impulse buy a new airport on my route? ) airports in a region. It would be awesome for flight planning on the fly and having it as a one stop shop in FTX would be phenomenal.
  4. Hi Doug Thanks for your reply! They were both checked as advised, but it looks like I had BASE deselected in the library. Turning it back on fixed the 'flows! Should that be the case, that BASE is needed when using a region (england) plus a region airport? I'd turned it off to try to use less memory. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi I have everything enabled in the FTX configurator for EGTH and have experimented with different autogen settings from mid to full, same with mesh settings, but for some reason I cannot see any grass or people flows etc at EGTH. I did have a quick search to see if there's a sticky, I am on P3D 4.5, is this a known current issue? If not any suggestions folks have on how to enable would be great. Shots of the addonin areas I've seen with grass / people, plus settings. Note the world autogen sliders have been in multiple different configs, thats just the current one. Thanks!
  6. Personally am just happy to have bricks and mortar / tarmac in the sim, objectflow etc is a nice to have for immersion, but I do nearly all my flying between my ORBX airports with small GA and am just keen to have them back. So I say release without objectflow and then update later please. As others have said, if you dont want to run them, you dont have to, but no sense depriving others who are happy to run without the flows of the opportunity. This is of course assuming that releasing the non-flow bricks and tarmac is relatively easy.
  7. Holy criminy mc josephat That's taken it up a notch Are there any other addons with it affecting sky / clouds / colouration etc, or is it that v4 stock?
  8. Thanks Jack! Yeah its a joy to fly over low like that, especially when the trees catch the shadows! Now if we can transplant some of those new zealand trees to the west coast US ...
  9. This is an example of what I mean, so still in V4 but this is the NZ region I used to be able to get that density in PNW, but now cannot.
  10. 2.5 before, just the ability to set full density forest canopy without the broccoli showing
  11. That was with ORBX HD Trees. The trees themselves look a million times nicer than the speed trees, which I think are a real retrograde step at least visually. Here are the speed trees, slightly different shot: If I can get the coverage density for FTX Trees that I had before I will be happy - that forest texture always looks like 8 bit broccoli photos stuck to the floor
  12. Hi Jack Thanks for the reboot info Its literally the only thing I am unhappy with so far, everything else looks superb! I really like having a solid forest cover as I am mainly a low and slower. I do have FTX trees, which is another reason I would like to get more density, those trees are just so good!
  13. Hi I have finally got my V4 up and running and couldnt wait to get ORBX in there too. By and large it looks fantastic! However I noticed that the tree coverage seems to be reduced from what I was used to seeing in previous versions, particularly in regions such as PNW. I really dislike the "forest texture" anywhere from 3000 feet down and so always used to put tree density to max to hide it. However now it seems the densest settings only half cover the textures with trees. Is this something to do with speedtree placement, or just something I am missing? I've tried all sorts of settings including maxing out the autogen sliders, and having speedtree both on and off. No difference sadly. Example PNW near CYVR:
  14. Hi I am having the same issue on P3D 2.5, I have tried running vector but it does not resolve. Other solutions tried: 1. Running vector AEC 2. Putting all settings to recommended levels 3. Experimenting with mesh density 4. Experimenting with texture resolutions 5. Using Open LC on or off 6. Turning on or off the specialised mesh in the control panel 7. Disabling all mesh addons in scenery. 8. Rebooting I also have a friend who is finding the same issue with P3D V3. Additionally, sometimes the trees do not load in, or only half load in, or load in later.
  15. Looks to be one of the best airports I've seen in a sim. If any airport deserves it, its LOWI. Cheers chaps, looks like you have another couple of gig (?) on my HDD earmarked.
  16. Hi Nick Thanks for the reply The reason I do not think its P3D is because I used to be able to switch around OK, and now I cannot. Nothing has been changed in P3D. If its something in my files, do you have any thoughts as to where I might look, or settings that may cause it? As noted AEC is not the culprit or fix, where else might I look? Thanks
  17. Hi To add a bit more weight, here are some shots at Swanson. In the shot with missing scenery I enabled the airport in sim and went straight there without a restart. The second is after the restart. There is no issue with AEC at all, it is simply that I am no longer able to add airports in the library on the fly. This is a problem for me because all my flights now have to be planned rather than just being able to hop around, something I like to do, especially as I own a large amount of your airports. As you can see, even profiles in AEC would not help, because I would still have to come out of the sim to select the new profile (not to mention that with over 100 airports, creating a profile for every single combination would run to thousands of profiles). Sometimes its missing scenery, sometimes its terrain mismatch. I just want to be able to have airports work "on the fly" like they used to. Maybe its something my end, maybe its FTX, I dont know, I am just looking for some guidance, things to try. There was an issue with BGL's at KBHB that Alex helped me with that affected meshes, so I don't think its unfair to wonder if there is something similar here, maybe a file I need to copy across etc. With some aircraft I can save and reboot, but not all of them save the aircraft state. $200 for a new sim is not quite the fix I am looking for just yet, so if a dev could take a look at these I would be very grateful.
  18. Its not at all complicated - if you think about it, all I am doing is unloading scenery I don't need in order to preserve VAS, a sensible practice many simmers use. Everything else is an attempt to fix the elevation issues which did not exist before, otherwise I would be happily flying over Fall City in my Comanche right now I will wait til Monday perhaps when Alex is around. Cheers
  19. Wow really? Does everyone have to do this? It sounds like something that needs automating - how on earth can you make a profile for every combination of airports, especially if you have a lot? I cannot even start the sim with all my airports selected so thats not an option either. It only seems to have become an issue after FTX3 though. Do you run P3D 2.5 by any chance, and if so have you seen anything similar? Thanks for your help
  20. Hi Alex The flickering was only happening with external cam / EZDOK before, and neither gp file fixes that unfortunately. Still ok from the VC though
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