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  1. We already have two excellent Papua New Guinea sceneries and they said they would release OpenLC Asia, after much delay, before the end of the year (I mean 2019 ). Besides that Global+Vector+a good mesh do a decent job in some places. Nothing else has been announced. OrbX CEO has explained a couple of times why he was not interested in developing Asia sceneries (no customer base, piracy) so I think we shouldn't expect much. This is one the reason I look forward to FS20, to get at last some good ground imagery and overlay below my aircraft in ASia where I fly a lot. PS : the life of a simmer has two great mysteries : why OrbX does nothing for Asia is one. The other one is why they don't do anything for the Caribbean !
  2. I missed that point. There is a comprehensive configuration panel with an option to start C&D.
  3. The Duke turbines are very expensive, you’d better take care of them. There are, in the manual, indications of the optimal parameters. And speed limits to deploy the flaps <cough, cough>.
  4. You actually have to manage the power to keep three parameters, Torque, ITT and NG (RPM), in their green arc. It is a very interesting aircraft.
  5. Hi Markus You use High Idle to start to taxi if your aircraft is stuck but you put it back right away in the Low Idle position. And you don't really need it in HI during the flight. The lever should always be at Low Idle.
  6. Ok I think I know where the problem is now. There is no mixture lever in the T- Duke ! It is a condition lever to introduce the fuel into the turbine when shifted from cutoff to low idle . It should stay at low idle. From the manual Important! Starting the Duke by pushing the condition levers fully forward will likely result in engine and prop over-speed during or shortly after start up. Please refer to the section below for details about the start up procedure. Another important thing to note is that there is a bug in P3D2 whereby slewing then un-slewing results in the condition levers snapping to maximum high idle. Please be aware that if you slew on the ground, it is advisable to apply the parking brakes before doing so in order to avoid sudden uncontrolled excursions!The turboprop start up sequence in P3D2 is virtually hard-coded whether you opt to start manually You should read the manual, its a great read, the T-Duke is a delicate aircraft that needs a lot of attention .
  7. There are people having the Duke at Avsim (you spoke of mixture so I suppose it is not the T-Duke), never saw this problem which very much looks like a double assignment. I had that in DCS some weeks back ! Burst of speed, brakes inop. The only way to debug is to check many things like : Do you do anything just before the burst of speed, hitting a button for anything, moving a lever, anything ? Does your throttle move in the cockpit all by itself or the burst of speed comes with the throttle lever still ? I see you are a VR simmer, so do you also get that in normal mode (display screen), no Rift connected ? Do you have that only in the Duke ? do you have a dedicated profile for it or do you use another profile ? I assumed that you dont have FSUIPC. There is another solution, that your throttle has huge spikes but I don't think so.
  8. It sounds like a double assignment of the throttle axis.
  9. dominique


    Hi When I fly where there is no region or OpenLC which is mostly in Asia , I find Vector an useful addition (coastlines, lakes, rivers etc) to the scenery. For England,. I found that the LC region was better than OLC EU+Vector. TE GB I don’t know but I suppose it is too, on a more limited geographical scope though.
  10. No, I put my plan to build a new computer on hold waiting for a little more infos on next gen flight simulators.
  11. Good then ! On a side topic, I wonder whether PBR isn't a stop gap solution before raytracing becomes the norm. Being a scenery designer is a job which calls for learning new things everyday !
  12. You make it as my remark was against devs. which it was not ! I appreciate the work they do but, as a customer (to use your word)I think they should use caution with PBR. Nobody said anything about not using it or to be left behind ! Fantastic doesn't belong to my vocabulary, sorry, ! Convincing, immersive do.
  13. Of course, of course. What was I thinking !
  14. We start to see an extensive use of PBR not only on aircraft fuselage but also in sceneries on ground texture. Renault's lovely set of pics (Its been that kind of a day ..) is a good example of it (asphalt and brick pavement). For me, it is over the top. I don't see in real life anything like that. It reminds me of early Technicolor movies, deep blue ocean, deep green lush palm trees etc. Attractive to the eyes but not realistic. Scenery developers should be cautious when using PBR. It is like salt. It enhances the flavour of the food but too much makes the food unsavoury. My 2 cents.
  15. Are you talking Twentynine Palms EAF KNXP and some boot camp souvenirs or Twentynine Palms GA field KTNP ? In the virtual world of ours, the KTNP scenery dev (same guys who made Sunburgh in Scotland for OrbX) has done a great job to create a small airfield with an atmosphere. Even with a sand wind blowing down the runway and trucks rolling down the highway. But I can imagine the real thing might be less glamourous .
  16. No we don't. Well, maybe in the Socal deep desert, a "Country & Western" airfield like the lovely KTNP by 29Palms .
  17. Which gap San Jose would fill ? West Central CA is already covered by Sonoma, San Carlos, Half Moon Bay and Monterey. And if I remember well there is already a KSJC on the market by another vendor.
  18. As you quote me, just a few words, John. Interesting thoughts but I said that I’d rather not comment : I’ve a low opinion of that kind of polls in general and Orbx doesn't seem too keen of us having that kind of discussion for reasons we can understand.
  19. John we can discuss at length (or rather not ) the relevance of the poll (questions, sampling, methodology) but it is not a Microsoft poll and that makes a lot of difference. Rex is indeed a honorable company.
  20. The Côte d'Azur has become the Florida of France, lots of older Parisians retiring there (like me). Except that we don't have the Cuban folks down here but North Africans. I liked Miami. Went there a couple of times. Long ago though.
  21. Well, you know, after a while watching the most beautiful people in the world in various stages of disrobment gets boring too, .I like my computer.
  22. Not in front of my computer, John, I am on my iPhone by my pool with my beautiful wife and beautiful cat, listening to Pokey Lafarge and posting or tweeting. And quite disrobed too (within reason !) .
  23. A lot of hot air I agree but it is fun ! I mean, look, it is summer time and hot, shooting the breeze on forums with fellow simmers is just what we need besides a little swim and a little flying ! And it could send messages to the FS20 when they are at an early stage, without too many illusions but still... And I’ve to say most the participants at Avsim behave themselves this time around. Hot air is under-rated. After all, the first manned flights were in montgolfières !
  24. Maybe the title of this thread should be corrected. It is not a Microsoft survey and shouldn't be spread as such.
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