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  1. I am not sure that I understand your problem, John. Let's see and sorry if I miss the point. Registration of an aircraft shows up in two independent ways : - on the exterior fuselage. It cannot be changed but by repainting the texture. It can be simple or tricky, it depends of the underlying texture and the way the number is "painted". When I do my repaints I have a special layer for that. It eases things up if I want to change. When the texture is changed with a new number, it is permanently changed. - in the AIr Traffic Control block of the Aircraft in Select vehicle. You just have to write a new registration for the ATC to recognize you as a VH-something. If there is a small plate in the cockpit with the number, the new number will also be displayed there. And when it is changed, the new number stays for further sessions. To have a full change, you have to do both. But if you just want to hear the ATC call you by your VH number the second solution is pretty easy.
  2. About nudge,it works both ways . Your posts, you two, drove me to open for the first time in weeks if not months a project that I've working for some time, a T6 with an Air Mail livery. Get a nagging aliasing problem with a decalc !
  3. No insight Rodger, call that a nudge . The 70 yo who writes this post does a lot of trials and errors, the result is not always up to what I had in mind when I started my doodles (most of them are never released) but I have a little fun in the meantime. This is what it is all about.
  4. Thats the way to go. I save from .psd into .dds. Never done bare metal. I do fictitious liveries. I've an idea and try to make something of it. My last was the Comanche Air TAxi you can see on two of my videos. EDIT I forgot to download the paintkit when RA was alive. Had a look at a substitute on the Avsim library. Not exactly user friendly...
  5. First Portugal, then the whole Peninsula, then the world ! Lets not be cheap in our ambitions !
  6. Well Belgium is a lovely country but a TE Belgium ? Maybe not ! It is like the TE Midlands you long for, Christopher, , very, very low on my wishlist. Portugal would be great though.
  7. OrbX has done Germany and the rest of of Europe is covered by a very decent OpenLC EU which includes Portugal and the Baltic states. EDIT and France !
  8. Have you ever tried before using big words like neurosurgery ? What was so intimidating ? You did coloring books when you were a kid, didn't you ? Painting an aircraft is the same. Almost. You basically pour colors in empty spaces and add decalcs. You don't need hair for that. The result might not be perfect but it is yours. Among all the side hobbies of simming, only flight modeling is really beyond most of us abilities. All others are just home handicraft.
  9. Try your luck here, they have a request thread (and tutorials, FAQ too) https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/200-the-paint-shop-the-aircraft-painters-forum-how-to/
  10. Some say that flight simulation is all about flying. Partially true. It is also about repainting aircraft, making sceneries., clouds etc. Painting an aircraft is not so difficult and is some fun. You need the developer template (paintkit), a paint program using layers (you can find excellent freeware), a small freeware to reformat the painted template called DXTBmp and your imagination. And a little time.
  11. What is threatening Carlos ? If MS delivers we will have the best sim ever. It MS doesn't deliver, the fallback will be two excellent sims (P3D or XP11, your fancy). I don't see any threat. La vie est belle !
  12. oh I do but I've lived quite a few years n the US so I may be a little mixed up .
  13. OrbX does cover the Midwest ! Have you flown there with Global, OpenLC NA and Vector ? It is cultivated land and not the prairie of the Old West .
  14. I don't have a 3rd party airport, only OLCEU and Vector . Good night !
  15. Carlos has an urban sprawl south of the runway between the laguna and the sea that you don't have, the LC map is apparently not the same. Mine is closer to yours but a little different around Dromolaxia. Strange... I've launched a verify files process fro Open LC EU.
  16. My take is nobody knows at that time, including the developers like OrbX, how the market will be shaped in a year (v5, FS20). How could John V give you any "positive information" about "forward compatibility" ? He can't. And remember, we are both of us old enough to know that, when you face challenging times, it is always a little irritating to be repeatedly asked questions that you don't know the answer to. Let us leave them in peace and come to Avsim. Today we are commenting yesterday pics/vids release .
  17. Ian All the important developers are already engaged or will be soon engaged in discussions with MS. It is certainly not the time for them to discuss their plans in an open forum or let user discussions on the said forums spiral out of control as they are obviously bound to . Common sense.
  18. And as an active participant so far at Avsim new sim forum, bringing my own uninformed comments and speculations to dissect the miniscule number of facts, I'd say it is a lot of fun for an old timer like me who has seen them all !
  19. An important distinction to keep in mind. The word imagery maybe is too restrictive. We certainly would welcome a LC fat region too ! Japan for instance. There is already a good freeware LC map but dated. Its creator, M Haruo, is AWOL so nobody knows how he made it and it won’t be upgraded. But I was looking at that page at Jaxa https://www.eorc.jaxa.jp/ALOS/en/lulc/lulc_index.htm and wondering what gem OrbX could make out of it !
  20. This is what I thought, the 2% seemed enormous to me !
  21. Imagery is very good for Asia, John. Two examples : zoom into the oases of the Taklamakan desert in NW China (a strategic zone if any) or in the Heavens forgotten villages North of Palu in Sulawesi (the Celebes) !
  22. Let's not have a word fight ("une querelle de mots" in French) because I respect OrbX decison even if it does not please me. At the end of the day, I am not in charge of your books. John V has said that the market was small ("The sales revenue from Japan is only 3.3% of what we earn just from North America alone. In other words, an FTX Japan would make less than one NA airport." for instance) and that piracy was a problem. ("Generally in that part of the world they steal software, not buy it") . OpenLC Asia has been delayed for how many years ? Five or six years ? No other sceneries except PNG have been released. And Sth America and Africa (a huge market for flight simulation) took precedence. I call that "lack of interest" in lack of a better word that I am ready to learn .
  23. I don't archive John V's posts ! But I've been on this forum for a long time and I've a good memory. Don't make me wrong, the man is in charge of his own business I do not contest that but as a customer I sure regret a lack of interest : Did a rapid search : the first thread contains several intervention of John V.
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