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  1. Thanks a lot. Will be watching for sure :-)
  2. Hi, As I see the popularity of MSFS is growing and representing a much higher business potential than X-Plane (and obviously P3D), I was wondering if there was any public roadmap for X-plane 11 (and soon 12) announced recently (I found one published in 2021). Owner of MSFS, I however tend to get get back to XP more and more and looking forward to X-Plane 12... so having some clarity on Orbx planned business towards this platform would be very useful when deciding on add-ons investment ;-) Thank you.
  3. Looking at the thousand of people complaîing about MSFS Camera (i am one of them from day 1), i really hope Keven Menard is reading this post as his soft is probably the most anticipated one for MSFS and for a sure a future business hit !!!! We need it ASAP. please.
  4. Open LC should be inserted ideally just below your first scenery.I have put mine just above bathymetry so that any scenery installed will "lay" on the Orbx landclass... if I am not mistaken.
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