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  1. Good day, I just purchased the YBBN airport. It looks great - but is there a way to disable the darkened water? I've done this with Orbx regions by disabling the waterclass files, but I can't find any file names in this airport package that strike me as being related to waterclass. It may simply be dark because of the underlying photoscenery. If so, I'll live with it. A small price to pay for a fine YBBN.
  2. Hi there, I'm running P3D v4.5. I do quite a bit of flying in the PNW full region and have had little success trying to address an irritating issue that never affected me when flying in FSX. Flying between Vancouver and Victoria produces frequent stutter (as well as long frames when reaching the opposite shore). The bizarre thing is that there is minimal stutter over land, even over dense cities like Vancouver. Frame rates are consistently high with my settings and hardware. This must have something to do with PNW, because when I disable it and am only running Open LC NA, there is no stuttering when flying across the Strait of Georgia. Numerous threads have been made complaining about stuttering in other places around the world, and I've tried adjusting my P3D settings to effect a resolution without success. I can't find any threads about the problem related to this particular region and was wondering if someone else who has PNW could try a flight from Victoria to Vancouver or vice versa and observe the sim's behaviour in the Strait of Georgia. If you don't experience this stuttering, I'd be grateful if you could share your P3D settings. Alternatively, if this issue has been identified and addressed in the past and I'm just blind, please point me to the thread with the solution. I'd prefer not to have to deactivate PNW every time I want to fly from the island to the mainland or vice versa.
  3. Thanks again, Nick - this solved it. Verifying the files broke CYLW again, but I was able to solve that with the ADE method you outlined in the pinned thread. Out of curiosity, was the fix for CYQF something that could have been handled by ADE, or did it require some more significant modification?
  4. Thanks Nick. I should note that I do have FTX NRM installed in case that's important. This isn't stock with just the global addons.
  5. Thanks Nick. I did see that post and gave it a shot, but it didn't fix it, so I figured it was describing a different problem. I was thinking maybe it's an elevation issue. Are you seeing the same thing on your end? Just wanted to be sure it wasn't a conflict with some other addon I have.
  6. Hi there, I've found another instance of grass clipping in taxiways at CYQF (screenshot attached). My report for Kelowna was fixed quickly by Nick Cooper. Nick, are these relatively simple to fix with ADE? I just found out about the tool and was able to change the runway numbers and remove a parking spot that conflicted with static parked airplanes quite easily. If the process for getting rid of this grass clipping is similarly straightforward, could you point me to the ADE tool that does it? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Stewart - I didn't realize that the tag couldn't be switched by the user. I'll make a new thread.
  8. Hi there, As this is related to the grass clipping issue, I thought I'd bring it up in this thread again. I've found another instance of it at CYQF (screenshot attached). Nick, are these relatively simple to fix with ADE? I just found out about the tool and was able to change the runway numbers and remove a parking spot that conflicted with static parked airplanes quite easily. If the process for getting rid of this grass clipping is similarly straightforward, could you point me to the ADE tool that does it? Thanks!
  9. That did it. Thanks a bunch - hope you enjoyed the test flight.
  10. Hi everyone, I did a flight into Kelowna (CYLW) today and noticed that the main taxiway is mostly covered with grass texture (see the attached images). I've tried a number of things to get it to show as concrete, but nothing has made a difference. Here is what I've tried thus far: 1) Uninstall and re-install NRM. When that didn't work, I did the same with the Orbx libraries. 2) Run Vector's AEC auto-configuration after NRM and libraries re-install. 3) Replace REX TD's "detail1.bmp" file with an Orbx texture file per a suggestion at AVSIM (since it made no difference, I've reverted back to the REX TD file). 4) Fiddle with various lower texture resolution and mesh resolution settings in the P3D Display menu. The NRM entries aren't beneath anything that should affect them in the scenery library (just a new CYYC and MDCY, neither of which is nearby). I can try disabling those airports, but it seems unlikely it would make any difference. I'm running NRM 1.6.1 with the latest libraries on Prepar3D 4.5. Could someone kindly load up a flight at CYLW and check the satellite camera to see if this issue relates only to my system? I've flown into this airport before and never saw anything out of the ordinary.
  11. Colin, That's interesting - this sounds a lot like what P3D does when you delete one of its other configuration files - it rebuilds it on startup. But it can only rebuild it with information it sees. That means that P3D knows the Orbx scenery exists because the inventory is pulled from somewhere else. I'm assuming when you edited the file, you completely deleted the lines from it, explaining the size difference. There's got to be a way to prevent P3D from knowing that scenery exists at all, but as I don't use the XML method myself, I'm not certain which file you'd need to edit to do that. What I do suspect is that some other file is responsible for the scenery inventory, and it drives the creation of the scenery.xml file. That's why it restored it to its pre-edited form as soon as you started the simulator. Do you have an add-ons.cfg file? Are the Orbx sceneries listed in it? It would be in C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. If they ARE listed in it, perhaps that's what reset your .xml file. The trick is determining which file did that and editing it accordingly (after which point, I assume, you wouldn't actually need to edit the scenery.xml file since it is controlled by this other file we're trying to find). I have to agree with Smudger, though - something really strange is going on here. My P3D installation folder is 246 GB, much of which is Orbx scenery. There's another 86.2 GB of mesh data, A2A planes, and AI traffic outside of the P3D directory. All of these files are on an M.2 SSD drive. Then I have about 250 GB of photo scenery on a conventional drive - deactivated most of the time, but it is listed in my scenery library. My simulator load time is 2 minutes. I know for certain that a full minute is related to the AI traffic, as I was timing the startup process as I added it to see what effect it would have. I did notice that as I added Orbx regions, the load time increased but not significantly so - certainly nothing like what you're experiencing. And I have not had any crashes, except when I've started and closed the simulator many times between a system restart, like when I'm checking my repaint work. As you're running this on an SSD drive, even with the larger installation I can see no reason why your system should be loading about 10 times slower than mine. Are you running anything else in the background that could be interfering? My GTN 750 from Flight1 simply won't run at all whenever my Avast AV protection is on. Even though every single folder that involves it has been added as an exception, the stupid thing still blocks it. Turn it off, and the GTN works without a hitch. That's one possibility. If no other big, intensive program you run is slow to load, then it's not likely a hardware issue. Time consuming as it may be, if someone can't identify the proper file to edit to make P3D "forget" about specific scenery addons, it may be worth removing the sceneries and reinstalling them. You'd have the option of using the new system or the old one, I believe. I can't vouch personally for how quickly the XML method loads with a bunch of addons, but I'm sure others could, and it is LM's suggested way of doing things.
  12. Hi Colin, As before, I'll preface this by saying that it would be prudent to wait for confirmation from someone with better knowledge of software than I to try this, but here's what I would try to rectify the issue. It's essentially what Chris D. was proposing: 1) Make a backup of your scenery_add-ons.xml file. In fact, make two backups and place them on separate drives to ensure that you have a recovery means in case something goes sour. 2) Create three copies of the scenery_add-ons.xml file in its current directory. In the first one, delete all Orbx entries except those relating to North America. Change its file name to "scenery_add-ons.xml.NA" In the second one, delete all Orbx entries except those relating to Europe. Make its file name "scenery_add-ons.xml.EU" In the last one, eliminate anything not related to Oceania, then change its file name to "scenery_add-ons.xml.Oceania" Personally, I'd probably only remove full FTX regions, OLC products, and TrueEarth products. I'd leave any global products alone, and I wouldn't remove any other scenery unless it's very obviously connected to one of the regions (like add-on airports). 3) Create a shortcut on your desktop that will direct you into the location of the scenery_add-ons.xml files. When you want to fly, go there, change the file extension for the one region you want to fly back to .xml, and fire up your simulator. Theoretically, because the addons you don't want to use aren't in the .xml file, P3D won't know they exist. It would be as if they are not installed at all, and so it would be impossible for them to affect your load time. If this doesn't work, it would mean that P3D is finding references to these sceneries elsewhere and more investigation would be necessary. I think the greatest risk of the strategy would be disabling scenery that has dependencies - but given that you can purchase the Orbx products individually, I'm assuming this would NOT be the case with respect to individual regions, OLC products, or TrueEarth products (someone from Orbx, please correct me if I'm wrong about that). These would be the heavy hitters in terms of load times. I tend to agree with other replies that Orbx may not be able to solve this issue themselves, as they can't do anything to alter P3D's startup routine. The only thing they could do is develop a little tool that automatically does what I've proposed above (i.e. selectively removing or adding scenery by altering the .xml file), assuming it would work without causing some other problem. It sounds like Chris D. was already doing something like this with FSX using a .bat file - I don't personally have the expertise to help in that regard. Hope that helps, and I'll reiterate the importance of backing up any file you intend to alter before changing it. I learned some painful lessons about that in my tweaking efforts a few years ago. Having to reinstall the simulator from scratch because you buggered up an important file and didn't back it up is no fun...
  13. Hi Colin, I will preface this reply with two disclaimers: 1) I am not an Orbx expert. My suggestions should thus be taken with a grain of salt, and you may wish to wait for Nick or another Orbx person to confirm that my suggestion is worth trying / how to go about it. 2) I would back up any file in a safe location before you alter it or move it just in case something goes wrong. Now... Given what you've described, my suspicion is that for some reason P3D takes an inventory of all addon files at startup regardless of whether they are active in the addon/scenery libraries. Deactivating the unnecessary regions would stop P3D from loading parts of the world you aren't using within the simming session (which is why your load time is back to 30 seconds with base scenery, which is what mine is as well), but it's obviously not having the desired effect on the initial simulator load time. When I install a new scenery region, I have also noticed that the load time for the base simulator is increased somewhat, and this will persist regardless of whether the scenery is active in my library or not. The same behaviour holds true of the aircraft selection menu. Even if you have it set to show only your favourites, P3D takes the same amount of time to open the selection window as it would if you have it showing every livery, so it's obviously taking an inventory of every individual aircraft.cfg file whenever that menu is opened. I've also noticed that disabling the panel.cfg file for a bunch of aircraft by changing it to "panel.cfg.off" will prevent the planes from showing in the selection menu but will NOT decrease the load time for opening that window. This plane menu issue was irritating to me when I was still running FSX on a conventional hard drive. I had a lot of addon aircraft, and it got to the point where it would take 5 minutes to open the aircraft selection menu. The solution was to move the complete folders for aircraft I didn't want to view to a separate "hanger" folder stored outside the SimObjects folder. When I wanted to fly them again, I'd just cut and paste them back into SimObjects. This would only result in an issue if another addon was aliased to something I moved, which was easy to rectify. Transferring airplanes was a simple process that took mere seconds, as they were just being moved about on the same hard drive, so it's not like uninstalling them. It worked very nicely. I wonder if the same solution could work to reduce your simulator load time. If there was a way to prevent P3D from taking an inventory of deactivated scenery, it would theoretically speed up your load time. But this is a bit more complicated than creating an aircraft hanger, because if you leave that scenery in the addon.cfg, I have no doubt you'll get a bunch of error messages at startup when P3D can't find the scenery files referenced in your addon.cfg. For this to work, I suppose you'd need to first remove the scenery through P3D's in-game menu, then cut and paste that scenery's folder into an external storage folder, preferably on the same drive so that it can be moved back in an instant when you want to use it. P3D would not be able to see it on startup and thus wouldn't inventory it. When you want to fly in that scenery, you'd cut and paste the folder back into the Orbx directory, add it back into the addon.cfg (either through the Lorby's Addon Organizer or within P3D), and you should be good to go. Orbx can't change how P3D operates on startup; that's an issue that Lockheed Martin would have to solve. The program code would need to be adjusted to prevent the simulator from loading anything related to deactivated scenery or addons at startup. However, if Orbx developed a tool that would automate the process of moving scenery in and out of an external folder and adjusting the addon or scenery.cfg file as necessary, that would probably solve the loading time problem and make a lot of flight simmers very happy. I'm unsure of the implications of moving a scenery folder out of its installation location. I've never tried it myself. So please don't try any of this until someone from Orbx confirms that it won't break something... unless you enjoy living dangerously, that is. ;-)
  14. I also have this problem. The only non-FTX mod I am using is FS Genesis. I started a flight from Winnipeg with Vector 1.0 installed and confirmed that the water bodies were frozen. Then I installed 1.1 and immediately re-started the same flight. Only small squares of water in large lakes were frozen. I can confirm that the 1.1 patch did install, though, as my CYYZ river elevations are corrected. My screenshots would look similar to Slick's.
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