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  1. Tassie, what version of windows are you running? If it's 7 you just go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore and create a repair disk, burn it, reboot with the CD/DVD boot option in your bios and once this will load you just need to select Startup Repair...your best option is to select to repair the master boot record.
  2. I have them a lot now that I am running my rig @4.5Ghz and it happens with high speed birds. The video card can't keep up with the CPU, I have a GT 640 and will upgrade to a 760 in a few weeks.
  3. wow that's quite amazing!! Best recovery ever!
  4. Great shots Stu! But in my case with mil AC it's more: buy it...load it...launch it...and crash it!
  5. Great shots Adam! Kudos on air Nova...a deceased canadian airline!
  6. check on IRIS's website, I cant post the link in here or PM me
  7. Nice Steve! I will have to learn a bit more about her, she's hard to properly land, seems she loses too much power on final and I barely make it to the rwy
  8. Thanks! But no this one is part of the pro training series it's on special @ 9.99$ It's a lot more detailed than the T-6A which is quite old. Textures and cockpit are easily on par with the Warthog!
  9. Hey Marty, yeah definitely!! Send me the info in a PM, I'll definitely join you!
  10. Well, I decided to "upgrade" my Texan II to the newer PC-21...whoah!! This thing is fast!! Sounds like a jet, max climb rate of 4000fpm! I love it!! And there are so many displays and functions, hours and hours of pleasure lol! Here are some shots around Boise, Mountain Home AFB and Jackson Hole...I know default FTX one, not the airport add-on yet!
  11. Great shots! Very nice liveries too! One question, how is the Globemaster? Is it accurate?
  12. Great shots Mallard! Thanks for showing us the DA42!
  13. Wow those are great shots of Utah!! I was just there last night while testing Blue Sky Scenery. I am impressed with the rendition with Global!!
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