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  1. Brilliant set of shots Ryan. Pete
  2. Once again, the clarity and detail of XP together with appropriate scenery is outstanding. Hope you weren't flying too far otherwise you will be quarantined for 14 days!! Great shots both virtual and real. Pete
  3. Wonderfully atmospheric (in both meanings of the word!) shots Dario. I've said it before, and I'll say it again........Orbx plus XP11 = Magic!! Pete
  4. Again, wonderful shots. May I ask, you said you used UWXP and xVision in the previous set, was this the same for these shots too? If so, did you use a preset in xVision or were they tweaked by your good self? Also have you used default clouds? I love the quality of your shots. Many thanks in advance, Pete
  5. Cheers for the info. I'll have a go at experimenting as I have all the items you quoted. I just love X-Plane with Orbx. Pete
  6. Beautiful shot. Can I just ask what weather engine/ cloud combination you used for this (if applicable)? Great work Filou (as always). Pete
  7. Hi diyceejay and Ash624 I seem to be having the same problems too. Would you kindly give me a "dummy" guide to how you solved this. Many thanks, Pete
  8. Naughty, naughty Jack, but great flying and lovely shots. Just bought this myself to get me through self isolation. Detail is amazing. Pete
  9. Great shots. I guessed it was XP - just look how beautifully sharp the images are. This is how it appears on my pc. P3D never seems quite so sharp to me when comparing the same Orbx scenery. Can I make a plea? When submitting all your superb shots could you indicate the sim being used please? OK I know, now I'm going to be shot down as I should be able to tell from the "sharpness" of the image lol. Keep all these wonderful images coming from all sim types. Best wishes and keep safe Pete
  10. Great shots. I love the combination of XP and Orbx! Pete
  11. Thanks Jack. With all the doom and gloom we read about these days (with the exception of ORBX scenery releases of course lol) it's great to see something to smile about. Excellent work. Pete
  12. WOW! Just WOW! You've done it again Iain.
  13. Great shots Iain. Love the lighting. Happy New Year. Pete
  14. Hi John I fly mainly ORBX TEUK in XP11. As time constraints seem to be limiting my flying time at the moment I tend to try flying over areas I have recently visited for real just to compare the Real World with Sim Scenery. And you know what it's pretty good!!!! I also use a program called FS Instant Approach (hope it's OK to mention that) that allows me to position my aircraft on an approach path to a chosen airport (ORBX of course!). Thus with limited time one can practice approaches and landings very easily - very exciting with some of the contoured runways ORBX are introducing. Best wishes Pete
  15. Beautiful! Just a pity I fly mainly in XP11 lol. Very impressive piece of work. Pete
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