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  1. Create an empty temporary folder in a different place and, within the ORBX Folder, look for all ORBX files that have 'EGCC' in their names. (For the Windows Explorer search box: *EGCC) Shift those, reload the scenery/restart the sim, and check the result. Also, make sure that the addon airport has a higher priority in the scenery library than the ORBX entries (FTXC loves to put the ORBX entries back on top, so ...)
  2. If you have other addon scenery (non-ORBX), think about moving those to the HDD. (Photoscenery preferably, as those installations are rather big and often self-contained - everything in a single folder with a single scenery library entry.) If you do the cloning thingy (everything from C:\ copied precisely bit by bit, sector by sector to D:\ via Acronis or some freeware tool) you should take a look at your mainboard documentation: Often the second slot for drives offers only half the bandwidth of the primary slot (6 GBit/s vs. 3 GBit/s), so chances are you want to swap the connections inside the case to make D:\ your primary drive with the 6 GBit/s performance.
  3. You would have better performance with the UK2000 version than with the I.D.S./Aerosoft rendition.
  4. My guess had been claims and disputes, but what you are describing really should have been resolved quickly - even this forum here already tells the whole story of ORBX growth and the ORBX Direct start.
  5. Things won't get safer if you instead start spreading your CC details all over the internet ...
  6. +1 And I changed to CDN before continuing to download which worked much better at my end.
  7. I had waited weeks for this sale to buy PAVD. I saved 35% out of 40 AUD, that's 14 AUD. In order to save those bucks I had to wait out and could not yet enjoy PAVD as a payware grade addon airport. So, IMO it's true: If you buy earlier, full price, you will gain additional weeks and often months of entertainment. And 14 AUD won't even buy a ticket at my local cinema; those two hours of movie entertainment are more expensive here.
  8. I didn't expect brilliant download speeds at the beginning of the sale, but they are pretty much OK (background process anyway). Got myself Dubrovnik and also Valdez. The best thing for me is that the sale has come to me as a surprise, as I didn't expect a cumulation of lower standard prices for two of the three tiers and a 35% discount on top of that. The very attractive prices and the constructive attitude and handling of the recent "download issue" demonstrated by ORBX will probably have me buy some more titles during the ongoing sale. Well done and thank you very much!
  9. This sounds like a compensatory pricing to me, charging Australian residents and non-residents an equal "average" price. In the end it doesn't matter, though, as every customer will buy depending on whether the asked price "suits" them.
  10. Regions and Global Base are pretty much steals anyway, aren't they? Good to see airport price differentiation returning; the former "all airports one price ", whether old or new, big or small, had kinda puzzled me.
  11. Todd, this is the *REAL* video:
  12. Now back to business as usual: Any chance for an ORBXDirect sale, so we could provide you with some cashflow to cover your bandwidth costs? (Just kidding; announcing sales makes no sense.)
  13. Folks, JV has already admitted his mistake. The other side of the story is that this situation resembles a - completely unintended - "DoS attack by downloads". Something has to be done about it and you are kindly invited to suggest what should be done from your POV.
  14. You can manage your installations from the FSS wrappers in FTXCv3; there is no incompatibility between wrapper installations and v3. You may not be able to update to the very latest product version, though, as this most recent version might be connected to licenses held specifically in ORBXDirect. On the other hand, people who had kept their FSS wrappers may not just be concerned about a normal, deliberate reinstall; they may fear a crash of their system drive, destroying their registry along the way. These are people who will still be wanting backup installers from ORBXDirect, through FTXCv3, the most.
  15. Frankly speaking, I do not know whether piracy-protected files can be distributed via torrents. Are torrent file-distribution techniques compatible with DRM and all that stuff?
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