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  1. Nope, all scripts, addons, plugins, ice cream sprinkles and Christmas Lights removed.. All stock as far as that goes.. I have nothing left to debug. I've stripped this sim down to the absolute basics, I've spent more time then I wish to know debugging my own PC. Nothing.. Default scenery doesn't do this.. Just the Orbx TE stuff.. Even for comparison purposes. Re-enabling everything and loading up ForkBoys California Ortho including the SF HD Ortho with all the libraries to make it insanely resource heavy... Perfect.. .. Everything is loaded without issue instantly. 5 seconds after I gain control, shift 4, and do a quick "slew" up. Not a single blank mesh.. I'm not outright blaming Orbx but I literally have no where else to look except the Orbx scenery..
  2. Nope.. I took it one step further. I literally disabled EVERYTHING in SceneryPacks (attached) with the exception of Orbx TE Wash (TE GB does it to but disabled it for continuity) and OrbxLibs. Same results scenery_packs.ini
  3. Oh Tony.. Jeesh I'm dumb. I forget to attach my log file.. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look and see if anything grabs your eye All I see is some beacon lights that LR seems to have nixed.. I found one confirmation that this seems to be par for the course in 11.35 Also a number of Orbx failures for various TE Washington related items Log.txt
  4. Only UltraWeatherXP which I removed as part of my folder by folder vetting process. Even ran "dir /AL /S X:\" on each drive to see if maybe there was some rogue symbolic links due to messing a round with Orbx Central from beta to release. Everything checked out there also, no rogue symbolic links. Tony, I really appreciate you taking the time to entertain this issue. I wasn't expecting much as I saw no one else having the same issue before finally posting about it here. Knowing I've done literally everything and then some to narrow this down to literally anything, my nerd OCD is at least at rest.. I'll wait till LR issues updates, or new betas to see if this goes away. Again, I'd love to report it but I don't even know how to present it being as I seem to be literally the only person with this particular problem.
  5. Well I'm literally out of ideas. I ran through everything I can to narrow down this issue. Rolled back Nvidia driver Deleted each X-Plane folder one by one and reinstall Delete every file in the root directory of X-Plane and reinstall Reset bios to default settings Ran DDU to clean my PC of all video drivers and reinstall Nvidia drivers Closed all startup programs Ran some stability checks like 3DMark, Cinebench, resource heavy game benchmarks.. All passed with the same outstanding results.. My system is rock solid. I want to report it to Laminar Research, but I literally have nothing to base anything on. I scoured the X-Plane forum for anything remotely looking similar to this.. Nothing.. I am completely stumped. No matter what I do, it's always the same exact tiles that aren't loaded during the loading process and only after.. It isn't even random. It's literally the same blocks of tiles every single time.. (based on loading fro Sea-Tac as a baseline)
  6. Thanks Tony. I'm going to roll back my Nvidia drivers when I get done work. It's the only other change to my system around the time I started noticing this happening. If that doesn't work. A clean install of X-Plane. If anything changes I'll update the thread.
  7. As a final "vetting" process of this issue I deleted TE Washington completely and let Orbx Central install it instead (The one I had issues with was a previously FTX Central installed version).. This issue doesn't occur when Orbx Central does a full install of TE Washington from scratch. Very strange but my problem is solved. FTX Central is gone for good.
  8. TE - Washington and GB System stats in sig.. Anyone else having this? Usually all of the tiles in the scene are loaded during the load screen so when your plane enters the holodeck everything is rendered in the area Since 11.35... It only loads a portion the tiles, and the rest continue to load and render as you're in game. Is this a Orbx TE series needing updating to changes in 11.35 or just an 11.35 problem out right? I've never had this issue before Here is an example.. Loading up TE Washington at Sea-Tac. It doesn't matter if the scenery is on a HDD or SSD.. It's still the same.. The tiles don't finish loading until you're well into the game usually taking another 2 minutes or so for all to fully render. Here you can see the tiles actually rendering into place in the otherwise blank mesh
  9. Ok I fixed this myself. Orbx Central is definitely breaking things.. Orbx Central Creates two folders in X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Orbx_B_US_Washington_TE_Overlay roads_t roads_x Simply rename "roads_t" to just "roads" and control panel inside Orbx Central will work again.. FTX Central has it right. "roads" and "roads_x" but if you verify files using Orbx Central it deletes "roads" and replaces it with "roads_t" instead..
  10. Yeah, that doesn't work with Orbx Central, tried that before posting. Verifying (In Orbx Central) after removing those folders simply breaks the config tool still, as I mentioned above. Only way to fix it is uninstall Orbx Central, reinstall FTX Central and verify files there.
  11. The beta did this, and now the official release does this. The control panel simply doesn't work after verifying files with Orbx Central If I uninstall Orbx Central, and reinstall FTX Central and verify files.. The control panel works again (It initially won't work in FTX Central again and actually crashes FTX central until verifying files) Upon returning to Orbx Central and uninstalling FTX Central control panel works but if you verify files in Orbx Central the control panel is INOP again.
  12. And...... These caught my eye... Beautiful.. It's amazing.. Just in a few years we went from "Is Orbx ever doing anything for X-Plane?" To having this... We simmers live in grand times..
  13. Upgraded to a EVGA 2080 Ti XC Ultra today and decided to up the DSR factor to 4k to eat up that VRAM!
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