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  1. Hello, Do you have an update on this one? Thx
  2. Hello, Aerosoft EBBR Brussels mega airport is released since a couple of days. It’s already available with their partners. but I can’t find it on Orbx. According to Aerosoft is has been sent to Orbx. is there a reason why it is not available in the Orbx Store? Thanks for your feedback Festijn
  3. Hello. I bought Rex Accuseason via Orbx some couple of weeks ago. Today, when launching Accuseason, I get a message that I need to download an update. This will download a zip file for which you finally need serial keys and an e-mail adress for Rex. When I check Orbx Central there is no update visible. This seems to be very odd. Will this update be in Orbx Central soon? Thx Festijn
  4. Is looking very nice! And great sollution for orbx true earth.
  5. Actually the program has been invented by the Belgian national broadcaster VRT. The rights has been sold to the dutch broadcaster.
  6. Any chance you will do the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands and Germany ie Belgium and Luxembourg? I hope some day in they will be part of your fantastic product!
  7. Thx! That solved my problem. Just I few clicks of 'zoom in' did it.
  8. Hi, I've bought Lowi yesterday. I'm blown away. But for some reason the 3D houses are missing around Zirl (near Insbruck) in the cockpit view. In the outside view there is no such problem. Do you have the same issue or is this due to my settings? Thx Festijn
  9. Hi Holger, Al seems to be ok now! I have re-synced in FTX Central. And reinstalled latest library files. Cheers Festijn
  10. Thank you for the pictures. I've changed form very dense to extremely dense and got the same results now. It's looking very good. Thank you! I have unticked 'Frozen surfaces' and the water is looking good now This is how it looks now.
  11. Hi, I've started from fresh P3D v2.5 installation. Global base 1.3 Latest library files Vector 1.2 Latest library files Open LC Europe Latest library files Patch 1.10 and 1.15 Latest library files I got this result What could be wrong? Thx Festijn
  12. Hi, I've used the global vector v1.20 full installer from FSS. (It should contains all previous patches). Festijn
  13. Hello, I've started from a fresh installation. Installed P3 v2.5 Installed Orbx Global Base 1.30 Installed latest library files Installed Vector 1.20 Installed latest library files After my installation of Vector a lot of buildings,trees dissapeared. Some places look flat. And there are black patches on the rivers. I have taken a screenshot after each installation on exact the same spot. Those are the coordinates: LAT: N51°14.19' LON: E4°27.66' ALT: 463 M. MSL Mag 303 What could be wrong with my installation? Thanks Festijn P3D Default Global Base GLOBAL BASE + VECTOR
  14. Hello, After a couple of months I have restarted from fresh. I have formatted all my HD and installed windows again on the SSD. I have downloaded all the latest insallers from FSS. I installed P3D v2.5 and installed my ORBX stuff. Sadly the result is exatly the same. I've included a screenshot with coordinates. (It's around EBAW) Could someone look if you got the same result at this place? Thanks in advance Festijn coordinates are N51°14.19' and E4°27.66'
  15. I've once again done a complete clean install. After the installation of vector 1.2 P3D keeps crashing when it loads my flight. (a fatal error occured) What can I do? I'm getting desperate.
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