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Found 4 results

  1. OK - I know some of us are really struggling with the mother of all stuttering on V5 - THERE IS A POSSIBLE FIX and it's on the Prepar3d forum. It's not necessarily the True Earth demands.. there's a "glitch" in the new software - it's not cpu or gpu related... which is why I'm mentioning it on the Orbx forums. You should try right clicking on the Prepar3d icon, go into properties and tick the "disable fullscreen optimisations" box. Set the gpu to 30fps, unlimited in the application and restart everything. Made a huge difference for me after days of 1fps cool cpu, cool gpu hell around dense Orbx scenery areas.
  2. EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO ! My experiment to see if I can reduce micro stuttering. I set FSX Simulation Rate at 1/2 for this flight and turned FS Recorder on to capture. Upon finishing I ran the FS Recorder flight I had just made and used ShadowPlay to capture. There is NO video editing, just capture so you'll pausing etc. So far it appears to me that at the high airspeed of the F7F and low altitude flying that contributes to stuttering is substantially reduced. There may be some hidden negatives that I don't know about which further testing should reveal. One anomaly .... flying at half speed you lose some ability to discern speeds for landing ... as you can see in the video since I fell back to my previous experience. I took the whole runway as my airspeed was beyond reasonable... but flying is definitely smoother and probably better for just creating videos. For just flying .... probably not. Now to test editing and see how much resolution and data rate I lose. But I thought some would be interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jom9B64E884&feature=youtu.be
  3. This is the result of my testing VIDEO EDITORS to overcome stuttering on rendered FSX videos. For this test I recorded one short FSX flight, clipped out the bad parts and then ran it through 2 different editors, Filmora and MovAvi at maximum settings. I put those 2 videos side by side on my Desktop, with Filmora on the left and started ShadowPlay Desktop recording. I purposely started the left video first and then the second video. Video on the left is using the video editor Filmora and the one on the right is using video editor MovAvi. To see the difference yourself, please do not focus on resolution or clarity, but focus ONLY on stuttering and jerkiness. Do this by focusing on the left until you see stuttering, then look to the right to compare. WM Player is on the left and VLC on the right and I adjusted the video properties of the VLC player ahead of time to be a pretty close match to that of Windows Media Player's appearance to avoid getting side tracked on resolution. To view this comparison video CORRECTLY please focus on the left video ONLY (Filmora editor) as it plays until you see stuttering, and then look at the right video (the MovAvi editor) which is slightly delayed so you will now be focusing in the same area, and you will see stuttering reduced or eliminated. The output of both editors was preset at maximum quality but the tests show that the bit rate of MovAvi is 25% higher than Filmora. So my conclusion is that the video editor MovAvi retains better smoothness than Filmora. Since I don't own Filmora yet I have not yet tested the ease of inserting titles, credits, music and video loops I cannot comment on that. I know by owning Filmora that it is a breeze for titles, mp3s, and transitions, but MovAvi may turn out just as easy. I thank Maubizio Giorgi for suggesting MovAvi (which I just tested) and also Rick66 who suggested Sony Vegas (which is out of my budget range right now). But I appreciate all suggestions. https://youtu.be/TQMwSZSsZK4
  4. I have isolated stuttering while flying in my Orbx full scenery areas; I fly VRS Superbug/TacPack F18 and when I fly in Southern California (NAS Lemoore south) or from NAS Lemoore into Nevada my system runs amazing! When I cross the line into Northern California (around Fresno) I get stuttering, and weird lines or blocks showing up (primarily on my secondary monitor). I have tried flying out of NAS Whidbey Island (north of Seattle) and I have the same problem until I hit open ocean or going east hit the Montana area. My add-ons are; VRS Superbug & TacPack Orbx Full and Terrain with all Orbx Full Scenery North American Areas MAIW Add-ons for Western US and Canada Regions My System is Windows 8.1 i7 Six Core Processor Radeon R9280x Graphics Card 2x27" HP Backlit Monitors Also, I use this computer only for FSX not other programs like Microsoft Office etc are loaded, the only other programs are Plan-G, PDF Reader, and Google Chrome. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can send my way as I amazed at the detail Orbx brings to my flying experience.
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