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  1. Carenado Shorts 360 over/near Mount Jefferson en route from Kalamth Falls to Tillamook over the beautiful TE Oregon ... had it about a week and am loving it - think my wallet is going to take another hit - I feel the need for Washington too!
  2. Is there or will there be a KMZ file with the coverage and POI's for TE Oregon as there has been for all the previous regions, I have looked in the usual folder and did not find one after the install? Thanks in advance, James
  3. Some shots from my first flight over True Earth Oregon for P3D V4.5. This is my first TE Purchase - but will certainly not be my last - it is simply stunning - but I'll let the pictures from around Lakeview ans Klamath Falls do the rest of the talking
  4. Having just purchased North & South California in the sale I have been taking many different flights all over the place to explore all the new locations and airports. Here are a few from a beautiful VFR fight from KSBD to KMHV skirting along the mountains surrounding greater LA then hopping over and across the arid expanse of the Mojave passing Palmdale and Lancaster along the way. desert in the Real Air Spitfire Mk.XIV. Looking out over the wing towards Fontana claiming out of KSBD A couple of shots skirting round the clouds over the Angeles National Forrest.... I think I can almost see Matt Farah carving up the highway down there filming a TST video. A nice gentle decent over the beginnings of the Mojave Desert with Palmdale just coming into sight before lining up for the Visual 30 into KMHV.
  5. Thanks, for some reason it was missing from my instal.
  6. I like using the KMZ files in conjunction with Plan-G to explore points of interest and un-marked(on charts) strips, I have just purchased North and South Callifornia in the sale, and while the NCA.KMZ is in the Orbx user documents folder after instal the SCA on is nowhere to be found (I have looked in all the usual places and searched in explorer), could someone please either point me to where this one might be or post/send me the file. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback guys - I must say i was not entirely happy with the sharpness of the first two, but glad you like them.
  8. A nice late afternoon flight from KSUN to KBZN in the trusty old steed. This particular aircraft was retired from the CP Air fleet in 1974. It was a cloudy start out of Friedman but things cleared up by the time we reached the ski slopes south of Bozeman Short final on the visual approach into 03 at KBZN - a nice short taxi to the ramp. All done for the day - now to head into town for dinner and a brew or two...
  9. Thanks guys, glad you like it too!
  10. Just one from a flight between Alta and Berlevaag on the northern cape of Norway as the sun came up on this clear and cold morning.
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