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  1. Win10 uses a new(er) Windows Defender anti-virus/security program. Honestly, unless you are using your computer in a commercial/business capacity, it is all you need for anti-virus protection (yes, it's that good now). Run Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, and CCleaner OFFLINE once a weak to "clean up" the rest of your computer (DON'T run any of those 3 real-time...you don't need to and they will just slow things down arguing with Windows Defender). As a minimum, what you may need to do with your new Win10/Windows Defender install right now is set all new Exclusions in Windows Defender for anything and everything relating to your flight simulator. If not, Windows Defender is "inspecting" every single flight sim related file you are loading when you start the sim...and when you are using it too. Choke, choke, choke your flight sim performance. Windows 10 is not the problem to everything that happens on your computer. I really wish people outside of the IT community would learn that. Almost all problems are the end user not having done the proper setup to make everything run at it's best performance.
  2. Neil, Not a "negative" report, but just wanted to say a big Thank You!!! for including the relocated KSGU St George, Utah airport in the recent September 2016 NA Update Pack. The default one in FSX has been closed for a LONG time, and your new KSGU in the correct location is a much appreciated "fix" for KSGU. And the night lighting around the terminal is superb. Plus, you obviously "closed" the old airport too, by adding the yellow "X's" to the runways (I think it has been rezoned to a commercial/industrial park now, but the old runway and taxiways are still there in the real world yet, just like you updated them with the "X's". Nice "fix" there too!).
  3. The original instruction to "provide order number(s)" was easily misinterpreted, as only ONE order number was ever required (at least in the many years I've been a member here). I've never listed ALL my order numbers, and always got support for the products I never listed a number for. It's the problem of "Written Communication". It can be interpreted and mis-interpreted depending on how the reader interprets it. Been around as long as Mankind started writing things on cave walls. It just got out of hand eventually with one line or even one WORD forum posts being followed by half page long order number lists. ORBX needed to fix that, and they have with the new 2-line limit signature policy. If somebody wants to list their computer specs that won't fit in the 2-line limit, put 'em in a "Reveal Hidden Content" drop-down with your 2-line signature.
  4. Is this working yet? Is it an optional thing, or is the new forum software supposed to remove someone's list of products? I can still see everybody's order numbers and lists. It's just a personal pet-peeve of mine, but it annoys the heck outta me when I see a post one sentence long followed by a list of "Look what I own!" that fills up an entire screen I have to scroll through to get to the next post. I'm happy the poster has all of those products, but how about getting those lists off of the main forum posts and if the user wants to show a list of everything they own they can put it in their member Profile pages or something.
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