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  1. I also cannot download Central, and nobody will respond to my post on how to get it downloaded... maybe I will have better luck here.
  2. I am hoping someone can help me out. When I go to download Central I get halfway through it stops. I understand I need to download the required C++ programs, but when I go to download those it tells me I already have them running... I tried to follow other forum posts, but I got lost and I don't want to uninstall the C++ programs unless necessary. Hopefully someone can help me out here!
  3. Hey there, I am having similar issues to the above. When attempting to download Central, it gets stuck halfway through. I then attempted to download the appropriate version of C++ getting the error that previous versions are running. So, I cannot uninstall any previous versions of C++, but have no idea what is means to extract the uninstaller! Any help?
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