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  1. Josh, I can download that file you linked to with no issues. 78.8 mb
  2. Ill give this a shot when i get home. As I said earlier I had a very recent version of central working fine. Instead of letting the latest version update my install i uninstalled it. Dumb, I know, but thats where I am. I have checked for the TLS protocols for my internet and I enabled those for I believe TLS 1.2. Ill check that also.
  3. Turned off hardware firewall in router, still same exact error modes. I guess Im just out of luck here, dont know what else to try. Should not have to do that kind of stuff IMHO. I use this machine for some older flight sims, will just go forward with the Win 10 machine and use what I currently have on the older without further upgrades I guess. A shame we cant have backward compatibility. I really like the Orbx stuff. Everything else I try sees the internet just fine and I have basically turned everything controlling access off and running both sys and programs in admin mode.
  4. Running Win 7 SP1 . Tried admin mode, no joy.
  5. Ok, tried that. get the same error, once i cancel the retry box i get this, same as before. I have tried everything I know here including TSL settings, firewalls, anti virus etc. I am almost 100% sure things are fine here, no other problems downloading files at other sites. Frustrated. The Inetc plug in obviously is the issue, whatever that is. googled extensively and no real luck there either.
  6. Any chance i can get a link to an earlier .exe which i know worked on my computer?? 4.1.38 did.
  7. The latest download of Central available here is the one Im trying to install. On attempting to update the last version i had it said unable to connect to internet, which was orking fine, and again, tried to reset router and had NO antivirus or firewalls running.
  8. All the requirements are in order here. I had the last version running fine. I saw this latest version and decided to upgrade. I uninstalled the old one and despite having the items/updates listed in that link, I still get the same result on attempt at running the install with this latest version. is there any way to atttempt the install with the last version which i had working/ thx. Update. I reset my router and made sure again there is no antivirus or firewall running. Always hangs up on that "Downloading package.7z"
  9. Seeing this after install attempt with Central .exe program. Internet is fine, no antivirus, router good. [img]https://i.imgur.com/59SQzDj.jpg[/img]
  10. Download .exe for central and when I run the exe I get this problem. Internet is fine, no anti virus and router is ok. https://imgur.com/59SQzDj
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