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  1. Hi Jon and Tony, Great News! I finally have all tarmac roads. I also own both Orbx Canary and Balearics Island sceneries. I followed Tony suggestions and copied the 2 road files from the Balearics Overlay file and replaced them with the 3 road files in Spain South overlays. Hooray! It worked. So the problem is definitely with Orbx Spain South road files. I hope they are able to rectify this issue soon. Thank you for your help with this. Much appreciated and happy flying! Martin
  2. Thank you Jon and Tony for looking into this. After looking at Jon’s pictures there is definitely a problem. Hopefully this can be fixed soon when the rest of the Orbx team return from there Christmas break. Thanks guys and Happy New Year!
  3. Good Morning Jon, Just an update. I deleted all 3 road files and verified but it still doesn’t work? The smaller roads are still transparent. Do you have Orbx South Spain? If so, are your roads tarmac? Thanks Martin
  4. Hi Jon, I have just noticed that there are 3 road files in my Southern Spain Overlay folder. Should there be 2 or 3 road files ? I have attached a picture below. I will delete all 3 road files and verify again. Thanks Martin
  5. Good Morning Jon, Merry Christmas! I have tried again by removing the roads_x file and then use Orbx Central / configure (for TE South Spain) and click on Transparent roads and then Default roads immediately afterwards and then re-verified but when I loaded XP11 the roads are still transparent. I still did not work. Do you have any other suggestion ? Many thanks Martin
  6. Hi Jon, Unfortunately, It did not work. I dropped your rearranged scenery_pack.ini into mine and tested it but no change. I kept your scenery pack in my custom scenery file and then went to Orbx Central, re-ticked default roads and verified but it still doesn't work. The smaller roads are still transparent like before. My xOrganiser plugin normally puts all scenery files into the correct order but I am not sure why this scenery file is not loading correctly. I checked again and all my other Orbx scenery include tarmac roads. Strange! Thanks Martin
  7. Hi Jon, Thank you very much for re-arranging my scenery. I am away from my PC until tomorrow. I will let you know the outcome once updated. Many thanks Martin
  8. Hi Jon, Thank you for your help with this. As requested, please find attached copies of my XP11 graphics settings for my monitor and VR. The picture with the higher setting graphics is for my monitor and the lower is for my VR settings. I have also attached my scenery_packs.ini I use xOrganizer for my scenery so they are not all running together at the same time. I categorise my flight scenery to Europe, USA, Africa, Rest of World. You know, less resources on my PC. Many thanks Martin scenery_packs.ini
  9. Good Afternoon All, Please can any one help or advise. I have recently bought TrueEarth EU Spain South SD for X-Plane 11. Once loaded, I have noticed that the smaller roads are missing the default grey colour tarmac ? Motorways / highways appear to have grey tarmac but the smaller roads do not. The smaller roads are transparent and near invisible, but I want the default grey tarmac. All my other great Orbx products (UK, USA, Canary Islands and Balearic) have the grey tarmac apart from this Spain South scenery. I think I must have done something wrong because I could not find any similar posts on the forum. I have re-verified TE Spain South SD but that did not seem to work. I have also checked in Orbx central, the control panel, which shows I ticked 'default roads'. Does anyone have any suggestions what's happened ? I have attached a few pictures to show you what I see. Many thanks Martin
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