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Santa Run 2023


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Ho Ho Ho! It's time to seize Santa's sleigh for the Christmas season, help him locate the Christmas hats, and deliver them to the Elf Gift Depot where you will find Santa!




  1. Join our Discord channel and share your discoveries there. 
  2. Fly to the different locations and use the provided clues to locate the Christmas hats
  3. Each location will have three Christmas hats to be found - make sure to take a screenshot for each Christmas hat you locate
  4. Find the hidden Elf Gift Depot and capture a screenshot of Santa
  5. Remember you must take screenshots showing the number of Christmas hats collected at each location
  6. Track your flight using Volanta and share your Volanta screenshots along with your competition entry to increase your chances of winning
  7. Submit your screenshots by  24 Dec 23:59 UTC
  8. Entries will be judged based on creativity, accuracy and completeness - extra points will be awarded for tracking your flight with Volanta
  9. Have Fun and spread the holiday cheer!


For all Terms and Conditions, visit https://orbxdirect.com/product/santa-run-2023

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