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Intrusive Pop-Up (Volanta?)


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The last two days I have been flying on XPlane12 with Volanta running as usual.  At regular intervals I see a pop-up appear on my screen showing a 'Christmas Gift' style package and a note saying someone has given the author of the pop-up $50 via XPlane11 (note, I am flying XP12 not XP11).  I ran my subscription anti-virus program and it showed 3 "threat" folders in Volanta.  My computer skills are way short of understanding the issue but I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem? 

I haven't run Volanta since my anti-virus program reported it had isolated the threats but I have flown two more flights on XP12 without the op-up appearing.

Any advice (no, I have not thought about clicking on the pop-up!) greatly appreciated.

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