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CTD with autosave?


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Hi all,


I had a curious incident last night, flying PMDG 737-800 from  ENGM to EKCH.
Had autosave with Volanta active, started my flight as usual at ENGM.
Volanta had the usual pause as it saved the first save as I began to pushback from the gate.
20 minutes into the flight, MSFS crashed to desktop. (I had the autosave interval set at 20 minutes.)
First thinking that CTD was something else, I decided to reboot my PC and relaunch the flight from scratch.
(There was no second Volanta saved file other than the initial save).
On this second flight I changed the autosave interval to 30 minutes, loaded my PMDG at ENGM and started my flight.
After takeoff and into about 20 minutes where I CTD on my last flight, no issue as the flight continued onward to EKCH.
Then about 30 minutes into the flight MSFS crashed to desk top again.
The timing of the CTD for both flights happen to coincide with the timing of the autosave.
Jus to verify once again, I tried the third flight after rebooting my PC but with autosave off.
Interesting to note, my third flight was without incident and landed at EKCH as planned.

Has anyone experienced similar CTD with Volanta's autosave active?

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