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Halloween Hunt 2023


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Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling adventure in the skies. The elusive Grim Reaper is hiding in the shadows, waiting for you to fly about and uncover him in 8 different locations in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Enjoy flying through the various locations with eerily realistic graphics and make sure to keep a sharp lookout for as many Halloween spooks and spectres as you can at each location!



Your mission:  

  1. Find the Grim Reaper in the wide and ominous skies as he hides in plain sight. 
  2. Take screenshots of the Halloween Hunt items as you find them, while navigating the eerie sky. 
  3. Enter to win one of three Orbx prizes plus an additional entry for each Grim Reaper you find by uploading your photos to our Halloween Hunt channel on Discord. 
  4. Track your Halloween flight with Volanta, share your Volanta screenshots and triple your chances of winning!
  5. Join and post your findings on our Discord Channel. List of locations with clues are listed below:

                 a. Look for the monument in backcountry Idaho and get a drink

                 b. Where the capital Irish dark ale flows in the corner
                 c. Somewhere at the end of the Thai rainbow, where the water slides…
                 d. Watch the planets from Down Under
                 e. Future third runway end not far from our HQ
                 f. “G”otham Heights ski area (but only because it’s “H”alloween)
                 g. Test driving in Arlanda, past the pumpkins
                 h. At a bend in the Leira, a stone’s throw from power 

Competition ends 23:59 UTC Tuesday October 31, 2023. For Microsoft Flight Simulator only. Must have Orbx Central. Max 25 entries per person. Winners will be notified via Discord no later than Nov 8, 2023.

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