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XP12/Orbx TE GB What Performance can I reasonably Expect

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I have installed my Orbx TE GB sceneries from XP11 into XP12 and they are working. But I do find the performance (FPS) often disappointing. Flying around GB in the Zibo Mod 737 I am getting FPS in the region 24-30 But very often the FPS plummet to 1 - 4 FPS and the program freezes until the frames increase again. I am running a Home Cockpit (2 computers). My main sim computer has the following (abbreviated) specs

CPU  i5 7600k@380 GHz

Ram 16.0 GB Dual Channel DDR

M'Board Gigabyte Technology Z270 Gaming K3

Graphics - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Storage 232GB Hitachi SSD

931 GB SeaGate Sata


My In Game Graphics Settings are in the  Med - High range. I have tried differing settings with no obvious improvement.

With my hardware what FPS should I reasonably expect?  Maybe I need to uninstall and forget Orbx?

Thanks for any guidance.


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