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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQ's which should give answers to our most common questions, if you feel anything is missing or should be added here please let us know. We do ensure this post is updated frequently. 


Where has the Navigraph tab gone?

In the latest update we have replaced the Navigraph tab with a generic browser tab. The new browser tab is more powerful and allows you to have any website show within Volanta. Whether that's SimBrief, ChartFox, SkyVector, Navigraph etc (literally any website on the internet) The browser will remember the website you last had open, and also has bookmark functionality so you can save frequently used websites in there. In order to use Navigraph charts please navigate to charts.navigraph.com and use as previously. 


How long will it take to answer my support request?

All tickets submitted via the support form will be answered to within 3 working days Mon-Fri.


Does Volanta have a mobile app?

Volanta mobile is now available to our premium members!

iOS -> https://orbx.to/ios

Android -> https://orbx.to/android


Why will Volanta not connect to my simulator?

Please try download & install the simconnect package below, should this not work please open a support ticket. https://cdn.volanta.app/software/dependencies/simconnect-fsxsp2xpack-


Why is Discord rich presence not working?

Please make sure Discord rich presence is turned on in your Volanta settings. Also ensure to run the app after opening Discord and ensure it is opened as admin.


Why can I not see Aerocaches?

We are aware of ongoing issues with Aerocaches not being displayed in the simulator. This is being looked into and a fix will be completed when possible. 


Where can I get product support?



How do I request a feature?



There is an airline / airport missing from Volanta how do I add this?

 Please open a ticket and our team will ensure it's added. https://orbx.to/volanta-support


Why does my simulator freeze during autosave?

Unfortunately the freezing with autosaves has been a problem for years and how each aircraft is affected depends on how panel state saving has been implemented by the aircraft developer. There's a large number of forum posts dating back to FSX about it https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90664-prolonged-pause-on-autosave-in-p3d5/#comment-554113 For some users, disabling Windows Defender and adding exclusions (we know, not best practice) has helped to reduce the length of time each pause is, but doesn't completely eliminate it. At this point in time the best thing we can suggest is to increase the autosave frequency to a higher value like 30 minutes so these freezes happen less often. The 'save below 5000ft' checkbox is there so hopefully your takeoffs and landings can remain smooth without any interruptions. The advantage of the PMDG method vs. other aircraft like the CRJ and FBW is that the panel states are fully saved, which is why the save process also takes longer, but understandably irritating. We'll continue to look at how we can make this experience better, but this is a problem with any autosaving software as it's handled by the aircraft developer and the simulator.


Why is a Vatsim ATC Sector not showing?

We are aware of an issue where some sectors for ATC aren't showing on Volanta, this is something we are looking into and are hoping to fix in the near future.

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