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Bug report: 'Incompatible products installed' message sticks when going to a different product


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I just noticed what seems to be a bug in Orbx Central.  If I click on a product that displays the 'Incompatible product installed' warning, then go to a different product the warning stays even though it isn't applicable to the new product page.


For example, I have the CRJ 550/700 installed, so when I visit the store page for the CRJ 550/700/900/1000 there is a warning that I have an incompatible product installed.  If I then go to any other product page that I've already visited this session, that warning remains displayed.  I've attached two screenshots that show this behaviour, the first shows the expected behaviour on the CRJ bundle page, the second shows the erroneous message on the Freedom Fox page.


This only happens for product pages I have already visited in the session, if I go to the CRJ bundle page and then to a product page I have not visited yet this session, the warning message disappears as expected.  If I then go back to the CRJ bundle page, and then back to the other product page again, the warning messages sticks.  So it might be something to do with how you are caching or templating pages in the app.



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