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VOLANTA: weather


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i wrote this on the discord but not sure if it will ever get seen so copying here:



PLEASE JUST SHOW THE METARS. this "condensed" metar is the most useless thing i've ever seen, sorry. it literally omits important information, oh and HPA IS NOT USED IN NORTH AMERICA. i know you can hover the mouse over it. however, if i need to hover over it, it defeats the purpose of it being there to begin with. the mouse is being used to enter data into the fms, i cant hover and use the mouse at the same time. how about this: show the metar by default, and hover over it to show the "condensed" version. but for the love of jesus h christ just show the metar. it's a flight simulation utility. we all know how to read a metar. just show the metar.


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