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Aircraft Crashing With Invisible Object(s) Over Newcastle (Orbx GB Central for MSFS)

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Several users have noticed this whilst checking out the new scenery. It happened to me a couple of times today at a various altitudes in the vicinity of the Newcastle United Stadium (St James' Park) both heading north and south. The Stadium was one of the Asobo GB World Update Landmarks. When I approached from the south earlier today it looked pretty well the same as the version supplied by Asobo. I've just landed on the rooftop helipad at the Royal Victoria Infirmary from Newcastle Airport and it looks very different. It looks like it's been squashed down to almost a 2D representation. Just wondered whether this issue might be related to the aircraft collision with object problem? 


To be honest this Stadium and its occupants have enough issues right now without also being a hazard to aviation :D  


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