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MSFS Orbx Brisbane Review

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Currently the YBBN MSFS scenery is on sale for $11.50 and sadly that's all its worth in its current state. 

Just like the P3Dv5 version there is a large amount of detail that is missing from this airport and it surprises me that it seems its just a port from P3D to MSFS? 


Really expected greater things from Orbx with this airport in MSFS but sadly other smaller third party devs like NZ simulations are out shining scenery's like this one. 


Some items to report that need improving 

- Night lighting is poor and needs improving 

- Ground grass textures are way to low Res for MSFS 

- No PBR or lack off PBR on buildings and the glass in the windows are terrible. 


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Hi, Can I also add that the jetways are terrible. I have not had a single one of them connect to the aircraft. I have tried the CRJ and A320NX but no luck.


Not sure how this can be released without this fundamental feature being checked / tested.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.08.03 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 1.png

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