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I never thought I would say this

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ok so I have been using MSFS2020 for a few days now and got a hold of some important landmarks for navigation like the springwood target for YBAF entry etc and just went back for a flight in P3D and it was like what? I can't believe how much I noticed the difference like going from FSX to P3D. Well I guess I am hooked on MSFS2020 now so come on you good guys at Orbx get YBBN YBCG and all the good airports back lol :) I know in time it will be but I am like the girl in Willy Wonka "I want it now!" lol but in all seriousness I am gob smacked and never thought I would say that. Oh but one thing if anyone can help how can I get the altimeter to show me Hpa not inches I tried changing it to metric in general but it wont change to hpa and ATC still reads everything in Inches so whats the point of changing it to metric if it doesn't change it in game? any help here?



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