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Central not seeing MSFS

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I really hate to bother you with what is undoubtedly a simple question, but I sure as hell can't find an answer to it.

I have a Central account on another computer that has FSX - that's all fine. On my gaming computer I have had and still do have X-Plane 11, which also is fine. However, on my X-Plane computer I recently installed MSFS 2020, and Central refuses to see it, although it has helpfully presented my FSX scenery (on the other computer). I have started both several times, rebooted, etc., but only X-Plane comes up.

I'm sure that such fine programmers as yourselves have built in a simple way to get Central to look for and recognize new installations of FS, but I couldn't find it in the Central manual nor the FAQ. It's probably my poor eyes.

Could you please direct me to the proper instructions?

Thank you for your help.


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Since I installed MSFS last week, I have been trying continually to get Central to recognize MSFS, without luck - it would only see my X-Plane account. I finally asked the Forum yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, this morning the problem was gone. I guess that one just has to wait long enough .

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