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Volanta Data Import Issue

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Hi All,
First of all I apologize If I opened the topic in wrong place. I've been using Volanta since beta version.After the last uptade  I decided to use only the Volanta.But I m having trouble to import my data from projeckfly to Volanta.As you know,there are two options for receiving data in projeckfly. First one ''Request All Data (except bookings & flights)'' second one is ''Request Bookings and Flight Data) I got my data using both options.
-In the data coming with the fisrt option ,there are files like - Achievements,community,fleet,support,user settings,user account etc. (All json files)But there is no booking files in first option.When I try to load them to Volanta only sees the aircraft other tabs remain blank.(I added related picture)
-In the data coming with second options,there are files all Booking Json. but when I select this it does not browse any data on the Volanta

I thought the projeckfly files might be problematic so I uploaded them to simtollkit pro  and its works.Then when I tried to import it to Volanta via Simtoolkit it still didnt work.I tried all the solutions I could think of.But I was not successful.

I would be very happy if someone who has done this procedure  describes how to do it.
Thank you very much and safe flights.


option 1 load.JPG

booking Json.JPG



option 1 files.JPG

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Hello Orbx team.

I've now also downloaded Volanta but unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with the import of SimToolKitPro data. For days it says "Uploaded & queued" and nothing else happens. It would be a pity if the data couldn't be imported or is this a error of the application (see screenshot)?




Best regards,


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As I said, as far as I know; You have successfully completed the import process,you just have to wait for it to load.
The interesting thing is why it comes out as 0/0 during import.I added the picture of the simtoolkitpro folder in my documents.I wonder if there is a missing file.Can you compare it with yours ?


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Sorry for my late reply the last few days I have been very busy,As I mentioned before, I was not able to import Projeckfly data files(booking.Json).

I first imported my projeckfly data into Simtoolkit Pro, then transferred it to the Volanta  via Simtoolkit.When doing this, you should be careful to use the old version of Simtoolkit.Because Volanta sees the Simtoolkit files in your documents. However, when you use the new version of Simtoolkit pro, your user.data file does not create. (in the new version, Simtoolkit pro stores this file in its own cloud instead of your documents)If you are a simtoolkit pro user before, you can probably find the user.data file in the your documents folder.but if you have never used it before, you must first go to the simtoolkit discord server and request the old version from them.

When you install the old version, your user.data file will be created automatically after you take one flight with simtoolkit.Then you can  import all your flight data to Volanta.

I hope it works for you too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask,
Save Flights

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