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Milviz KA350i not working after installation via Orbx Central

Helmut Divo

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Dear support team,


Orbx Central installs the Milviz KA350i without error in my P3Dv5.1 (Win Defender/Antivir is off).

The MVAMS app is missing after installation and therefore can't be used for configuration.

The KA350i doesn't work in the sim properly (no system/engine start possible, both PFD show weird bitmaps).

When I switch to another aircraft or shut down the simulator, a popup message appears saying that a module has crashed and MV created a crash/dump file.

Uninstall/reinstall and system restart didn't help. I can't get this aircraft working.

Please advice for a solution. Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,




Purchase-Receipt: 1087-3005

Sys-Spec: Ryzen 9, 32 GB Ram, ASUS 1070 GTX - 8GB, Win10 64 Bit, P3Dv5.1

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I was able to solve the issue:

Orbx Central provides an outdated version, which is obviously NOT compatible with my P3Dv5.1.

I've downloaded and installed version 1.2 provided by Milviz in their support forum and now it works perfectly.


@Orbx: please update your installer to version 1.2!


Kind regards,


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