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Bug report Washington TE

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I purchased Washington TE and installed it with Orbx Central. I noticed a few anomalies.

Normaly i don't bother much about a few little faults in the scenery, but this is a real show breaker.

No traffic is coming across the Tacoma narrows bridge. I also got the Washington enhancement package and KTIW airport,

I've uninstalled both packages to rule that out. It is a clean install without addons.

I've installed KTIW with the bridge and surrounding area earlier and had the same issues.

With KTIW installed I had the beautiful bridge with the tunnel entrance of default x-plane blocking the traffic.

Traffic was following the default road of x-plane and is disappearing in the road.

I wonder if anyone experience the same problem.

I hope someone can help.

Transaction ID 5fc13fl64cca0











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