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TFDi 717 activation problem

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I purchased the 717 through Orbx and had it perfectly working in fsx:se until a few days ago... The issue seems to be related with the Tfdi activation server, and was addressed a couple of times here in the Central forum, but also in the Tfdi forum. 


However, I am still unable to get the 717 re-activated. What I have done so far is:


Deleted install.key and .Orbx in the %localapps% subdirectory, verified files through Central several times, completely uninstalled and reinstalled the 717 a number of times - all with no joy. I still get the message that the product is "currently unactivated" upon selection of the aircraft in the sim.


All apps are running with admin rights, internet connection is fine...


In the Tfdi client area, I also went through the reset activation process, again with no success.


Please, any help to get the 717 re-activated would be greatly appreciated!


Cheers, Andreas


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