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Question about Darrington, WA scenery for Orbx flickering areas at night

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During night time, while using drone camera mode to tour the darrington, wa airport scenery area, there is weird flickering going on when moving around scenery pack area away from airport.


for example going past the hardware store down the road towards the town in drone fly mode, once you pass a light source, the area under it flickers like it’s wiping and reloading textures for the viewed area.


is this behavior normal for scenery addon or msfs 2020?


is it a glitch or bug in software or is it a nvidia driver issue, or a issue with the rtx 3xxx series of video cards because they are still just newLy released?


haven’t noticed this flicker glitch before flying in drone mode at night, just recently with newly purchased and added Orbx scenery packs.


happens at darrington, Wa at night by buildings and roads in drone camera mode, and I think did happen at ktiw, narrows bridge Tacoma airport by the airport buildings and such.


using windows build 2004, newest nvidia driver, rtx 3070, newest patch msfs2020 11-24-20.


haven’t noticed this problem with in game scenery and airports, just Orbx designed areas..



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