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Is it me? Problem in launching Orbx Central suddenly since MSFS recent update


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Hi Folks, there must be a simple solution or something I may have done, but here goes... I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator in August and bought some products from Orbx which all installed perfectly well.

However, I noticed, after the last MSFS update (#5) over last weekend, that when I went to those airports I'd bought, they no longer appeared. Worse than that, I tried opening Orbx Central but to no response.

I have followed the various responses you have given to others including rebooting, deleting, doing this and that, but the best I get is the splash screen opens, then after I press install, it flashes and disappears. I have tried everything I know. Is there something simple I'm missing, please? (Yes, I did turn off anti-virus, firewall etc to install it). Thanks



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Hi Folks, I have managed to resolve this issue although it is strange. Holding down SHIFT key the image of the program appears, but then I had to go to the 'hidden' apps tab (didn't know the program was hidden but there you go) and double clicked there, the log-in page appeared an boom! It showed up. Hope this may help others unless it is just me, of course!!

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