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LGKO Can't load flight after Patch #5

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Loaded up 5 default airports, some with sceneries, I can replicate hard crashes on my flight loading when I have LGKO set as departure airport. 


Can someone give it a shot and see? I have also tried to re-install it with same issues. Event error is just the MSFS.exe: see screen https://prnt.sc/va8ex4



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Okay so, for those who did this flamingo and seagull change to fix the FPS issues below.


When I reverted it all back to default animal folders LGKO loaded again. 


I guess Asobo also fixed those? Strange how it works now after reverting back, you would think renaming those folders are just to delete those animals and not break the scenery!


Anyways, cleared for takeoff. Cheers. 



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