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New install and scenery layering question


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Orbx Central re layers my scenery this is a new install of Windows and some layering I want to be sure is right. My first time having all Orbx products installed outside the sim.

FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY Orbx EU Scotland

This entry is always placed at the bottom of all other Orbx entries below Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE ?

Vector layers OBJ above FixedAPT and APT?

Orbx!VECTOR_CVX higher than Orbx!VECTOR_APT but not FixedAPT if CVX files should be higher I think they should be lower though?

default Africa placed between Orbx!VECTOR_CVX and ORBX_VECTOR_EXX?

P3D 4.5 HF 3

Thank you

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