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Sydney Cityscape building heights and outer suburb regress

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I've just downloaded the Sydney Cityscape and the city itself is awesome. I note that a number of buildings around the harbour appear to be floating which suggests there might need to be a bit more work on either correcting corresponding ground scenery levels or adjusting the base height of the buildings. It is great to see something that looks like Sydney and is an awesome addition to the MSFS experience.


Unfortunately I do feel that this package steps back severly when you move beyond the city itself into the suburbs, it is here I note that the standard MSFS scenery is far superior and more accurate. Being a local in the St George Sutherland area I note that a lot of detail has been lost. Local landmarks such as the coast between Botany Bay and Cronulla, Cronulla beach frontages, Bonna Point, Woolooware Bay foreshore, Shark Park, Gunnamatta Bay, Waratah Playing Fields, The Ridge Playing Fields have all regressed from fairly accurate renderings to being totally off the mark. I'm not a programmer and probably don't know the complexity of what I am asking but I would rather see a blend of MSFS rpoduct adn Orbx Cityscape that rather than totally redoing the city's surrounding suburbs the developers simply add their points of interest over MSFS's standard scenery because the MSFS scenery in these places is far more realistic and accurate (not perfect but is a far truer interpretation).


I offer this as constructive feedback for a product that is totally awesome in one aspect yet disappointing in another. Is there a simply way to switch between the two versions of scenery? I could then choose which I would prefer depending on where I want to fly.



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I take it all back. Just prior to downloading Sydney Cityscape I updated FSMS and apparantly that update toggled off the Bing maps in MSFS, this affected both the qulaity of rendering and the buildings in the city. After toggling Bing back on the buildings aligned better and the local scenery returned to normal. I am back to being fully stoked in the SYdney Cityscape addon.

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