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How to delete old installer


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I donwloaded Orbx Central under https://orbxdirect.com/central  and I have an exectuable under download directory. (Orbx-central-4.1.22.exe). I use an user accound without admin priviliges.

After installing Orbx Central, I would like to delete initial installer under download directory but I can't: I obtain this error.

Another problem is the auto-update of OrbXCentral: I have infinite loop: Orbx central download the new version, asks me admin password but after few seconds, asks me again admin password to re-download the new version, ....

So I return, on the web https://orbxdirect.com/central and download then new version "Orbx-central-4.1.23.exe": this version works but I can't still delete the old "Orbx-central-4.1.22.exe"


My Orbx central is installed under: "C:\Users\Jean-Luc\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\Orbx Central.exe"



Operating system:  Win 10 Pro 

Simulator:  MSFS2020







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