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Airport updates - file modified dates


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I haven't logged on to Orbx Central for some months but did so this evening as I bought two additional FSX Steam airfields. Since I have not logged on for a long time, there were a large number of updates for all the other airports I bought plus the global pack. The updates so far seem to be working, but I am noticing that there are no additional files added (fair enough) but also the last modified dates of all the files in the scenery and texture folders have their pre-existing last modified date (which may extend back 6 or more years!).

I am only querying this as I want to be sure the updates have actually worked correctly (I probably wouldn't be able to tell just by flying however I did notice windsocks were working that did not work from memory before). Anyway, is the update process one of those types that internally changes these files without updating their modified dates, etc or is there something wrong here?






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